so jealous, why am I blue?”

so jealous, why am I blue?”
Ramirez sighed with emotion.
/“Come on, don’t take advantage of me and act like a good boy, or should we change?”
/Isabelle said in a contemptuous tone. She is Brazilian and her eyes are also black.
When Anya heard Ramirez praising herself, she smiled politely and continued to stare at the “Flag” on the wall.
Han Xuan noticed her little movements, stepped on the chair to pick off the painting, and teased her to talk. Slight autism can be alleviated through more communication: “Can you guess who painted it? I will share it with the Emperor later.” Put the crocodile skull in the museum together. This painting is worth a medium-sized company. I don’t feel comfortable hanging it at home.”
Anya put the hair behind her ears that covered her sight, and lay down on the coffee table to look at the oil painting, and said : “Mr. Jasper Jones, an epoch-making oil painting master before Pop Art. I have seen this painting in a book. It is his masterpiece.” ”
Yes, I will take you to the exhibition in the afternoon. There are many of my paintings there. You can look at the oil paintings collected by grandpa and grandpa for as long as you like.”
Han Xuan smiled and poured her a glass of water, turned to Ramirez and said: “Didn’t Black Hole Records hire someone to help you record a record? Is it over?”
“Not yet, it’s all your fault.”
“It’s none of my business. Don’t put all the responsibility on others. I hate people like you the most.” Han Xuan’s face was not red, and his heart was not beating. He directly ignored that he often did this.
“Tch, my pastoral band was finished after the Christmas Eve show.
The rhythm guitarist and bassist were both little bitches. They said I had a chance to be famous but didn’t bring them on TV with me. From then on They haven’t contacted me since Christmas.
Maybe they will be disbanded.
No, they are definitely going to be disbanded. When I was in San Francisco, one night my senior sister let me sleep on the sofa while she and the bass player slept in the room.
Don’t think that I don’t I know what they were doing. Isn’t it because they thought the sofa was too hard, so they left it to me? It kept me awake all night.
I don’t know if it was upstairs or downstairs. They were decorating it in the middle of the night, as if they were hammering nails, thump, thump, thump. It keeps ringing!
The band you newly signed, called the Backstreet Boys, wants me to be the sub-vocalist, but I think they do this because they like your and my songs. What do you think?”
Han Xuan looked at it deeply. Looking at Ramirez, I wanted to tell him that his beautiful senior sister had been banged against the wall.
But it is estimated that this simple child who came out of the church orphanage and believed that God really exists in the world did not understand this yet. He suppressed a smile and said, “You should make the decision yourself. Do you think their technology is good?”
“It’s not bad. The collaboration is better than that of my previous pastoral band. The B