ilence, the crowd burst into excitement. The streets of the morning market, which were originally quite lively, soon became “clean and smooth”.

ilence, the crowd burst into excitement. The streets of the morning market, which were originally quite lively, soon became “clean and smooth”.
On the empty street, there was only one little girl left crying: “Woo! Mother! Mother!” After a while, a woman rushed out of a house at a flying speed, picked up the little girl and went back. He ran, “Oh, little ancestor, don’t cry. If you cry again, you may be caught and eaten by monsters.” In order to escape for her life, this mother even lost her own daughter.
The city suddenly became noisy. The sergeants rode their horses everywhere, beat gongs and shouted, which naturally alerted Yin Kuang and others who were discussing matters in the Yuelai Inn.
“Monsters attacking the city?” After listening for a while, Yin Kuang murmured, frowning.
Li Shuangmu stood up and said, “Go out and take a look.”
After everyone went out, a sergeant came galloping, pointed at Yin Kuang and others, and said, “Enter the house quickly, don’t stay outside!”
Yin Kuang raised his hand in the air . As soon as he grabbed it, he sucked the sergeant off his horse in the air. Yin Kuang took out the “identity card” of the “little exorcist” and waved it in front of the sergeant’s eyes, and asked, “Tell me, what happened.”
The sergeant originally wanted to take action, but when he saw that Yin Kuang turned out to be an exorcist, he He didn’t dare to make any mistakes and said obediently: “There are many demons outside the city. They are approaching the city wall. It looks like they are going to attack the city. Since you are exorcists, please help.”
Li Shuangmu frowned and said: “There is no reason for a city the size of Shanglou to be attacked by a large group of demons for no reason.” The sergeant said: “Who says it is not the case? Although it has happened several times before, the number of demons is not large, and Deputy General Zhang is enough to deal with it alone. . But this time, it is said that many demons have come, and they are all over the mountains and plains outside the West City. Without further ado, I would like to invite everyone.”
Yin Kuang threw him back on his horse. After the sergeant was stunned for a moment, he raised his whip and drove away.
Yin Kuang said to the others: “What do you think?” Wang Ning said: “This should have a branch line similar to the Celestial Dynasty mission. But I don’t think it is necessary to take it.” Tang Rouyu also said: “I also think there is no need to create extraneous matters at this time. It’s just that I’m a little worried about Qi Xiaoyun and the others.”
Li Shuangmu said, “We should go and have a look. If something goes wrong, there must be monsters. The person who is in charge of this Shanglou City is Chen Dajun, Cheng Yaojin’s adopted son. He has extraordinary strength, even some monsters with thousands of years of cultivation. Don’t be afraid. Now there is a large group of monsters attacking the city without any warning, and it is also so early in the morning, which makes people uneasy no matter what.”
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