basketball, burning brightly in Zhang Lisheng’s hand.

basketball, burning brightly in Zhang Lisheng’s hand.
See the milky white fire of faith in your hands. Zhang Lisheng, who suddenly got what he wanted without any preparation, was shocked at first, and then felt a sense of confidence that he had omnipotent power, growing deep in his heart.
I was in a trance. The young man woke up from the illusion and felt that there was no pain in his palms. He knew that his body had become immune after being seriously injured by the Hellman’s faith flame once, as he had guessed. He breathed a sigh of relief.
/“I hope this experiment can be fruitful…” After getting rid of the distracting thoughts in his heart, Zhang Lisheng calmed down. Finally, he took a deep look at the dazzling flames that enveloped his fist, and suddenly threw it at Duralu with all his strength.
In an instant. The fire of faith escaped his control in an instant and landed lightly on the back of the native warrior lying on the ground.
After the fire of faith came into contact with Duralu’s dark and tough skin. It immediately spread to his whole body, turning the skin of the young warrior leader into nothing. Later, under the burning flames, Duralu’s skin gradually disappeared, and his entire body became translucent.
Countless thick or thin blue-red blood vessels like the tunnels of ant caves are scattered in the air, mixed with pieces of body mixed with white grease and red muscles, as well as a majestic beating heart, stretching and contracting lungs…
“How are you feeling now, Du Lalu?” Zhang Lisheng asked with an unchanging expression as he watched the native warrior turn step by step into a terrifying appearance that resembled a living specimen with skin and flesh removed.
“Wei, great attacker, I, I feel the endless power in my body!
Thank you for your gift, I will always obey your will…” The young Tudenan warrior leader did not seem to feel it. Without the slightest pain, he suppressed the excitement in his heart, raised his head like a monkey’s skull, and opened and closed his muscular mandible to answer.
/His praises seemed a bit clumsy and unoriginal as usual, but his tone was extremely sincere.
Zhang Lisheng smiled noncommittally, squinted his eyes and continued to look at the native warriors carefully. After a while, he suddenly saw a piece of mashed potato mixed with a pile of chewed meat in Du Lalu’s vaguely visible intestines and stomach. The bean-sized diamond-shaped beads in the block gradually become brighter.
After a while, the boulder in the stomach of the native warrior suddenly exploded and turned into a ball of flame, illuminating his entire abdominal cavity clearly.
“Ah…roar…” At this time, Duralu finally couldn’t help but howled out. There was no trace of pain in the roar, but it was full of uncontrollable joy and comfort.
As the native warrior roared out, the fire of faith attached to his body began to slowly flow to the bottom of his throat, and a green spot suddenly appeared on the middle point above his chest.
Gradually, the fire gathered more and mo