be saved by the God of Death? Design. However, as the one who saves you, when I am designed by the God of Death, if I am also rescued, then I can also get a 24-hour safety period. By analogy, once someone is in danger, someone will be desperate Go to rescue, and after this round, almost everyone will get a 24-hour safety period. Calculated this way, it is actually not very difficult to avoid this exam! But “

Li Shuangmu said: “But the problem is, this is almost impossible. Possible!” There was some ridicule and helplessness on his face, and he said: “Who is really willing to sacrifice his life to save others? Are you willing? Are you willing? Well, even if you are willing, there will always be someone who is greedy for life and afraid of death. , others saved him, but he was unwilling to save others. In this way, the chain of saving and being saved will be cut off, and it will even cause internal strife in the team, and eventually even lead to cannibalism. Because saving people must be Voluntarily. Then, in 24 hours, you will face the design of death again. At that time, who will save you?”
/Li Shuangmu took out his watch, counted the time, and said: “There are still 108 hours before the end of the exam world. In other words, , if we can achieve unconditional trust and help each other, we will save each other at least twice! Then, we can pass this exam safely. So, what do you think? ”
/What ideas can you have? In addition to looking at each other, the ten people murmured in their hearts who would save them in times of crisis, and would they lend a helping hand to others when they were in danger? Nobody knows. People’s hearts are divided between their stomachs, and human nature is selfish, seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. You may be extremely grateful when someone saves you, but are you willing to risk your life to save someone else? No one knows. Even you yourself don’t know.
Yin Kuang glanced at everyone and said: “I think this is why the Flame Queen counselor and a few pig feet have repeatedly emphasized that we must unite. Such an exam cannot even tolerate the slightest selfishness. If you want to survive, , the only way is to save others, and then be saved by others. But what about us? From the beginning, we clamored for unity, unity. But what happened later? It’s really ridiculous. Even if we passed the unified examination, those who died Where are the people? Tang Zhaotian, Liu Xiaxia and the others must be resentful towards us. And other people, instigated by them, will definitely become our enemies! What can we do then? Huh! Change classes? I’m afraid the other classes will be similar. . Although what I said is a bit far, we will have to face it sooner or later.”
Li Shuangmu put the knife and fork on the table and said: “You did go a bit far. But what you said is right. Sooner or later we will have to face these issues. Yes. But before that, I still hope that everyone here will think carefully. Let’s talk openly and honestly. Now that the principal has given a glimmer of hope, anyone wh