and 3 assists.

and 3 assists.
At this time, a certain basketball god in front of the TV showed another happy smile.
He has decided that when Sun Hao retires, he will probably be the team owner by then, and he must ask Sun Hao to come to his team as the president of operations.
The Lakers had the ball. This time, before Sun Hao could push the ball into the frontcourt, O’Neal was fouled again.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but shake his head when he gave the ball away.
/When it comes to Auerbach cutting Chamberlain and Nelson cutting O’Neal, the biggest difference is probably the influence.
When Chamberlain was cut, it was basically the old rival Celtics, and other teams didn’t do that often.
Because in that era, not daring to confront someone head-on was regarded as an act of weakness.
Chamberlain also publicly said on more than one occasion that Auerbach is a villain who only uses some tricks to win.
In some games, Chamberlain even refused to play in protest.
Then when O’Neal came here, Nelson carried this tactic forward, and then the whole league started to use it.
As Nelson’s former assistant coach, Van Gundy naturally has experience.
After O’Neal was sent to the free throw line again, he took a few deep breaths to adjust his breathing.
However, it was of no use.
There was a commotion in the place.
Phil Jackson stood up and called a timeout.
“Think about what is written in those books, relax your muscles, and imagine that you are under a tree full of green shade. You are just meditating.”
After the pause, Jackson did not arrange any tactics, but pulled O’Neal is talking.
He wanted O’Neal to relax so he could make those free throws.
That is what has the greatest impact on the situation on the field.
O’Neill nodded while listening, but judging from the way he looked around, he probably didn’t read the book the Zen Master gave him.
Thinking about it, it’s so normal. It’s hard for Sun Hao to read that kind of book. Maybe O’Neal would rather lose weight!
After Phil Jackson finished speaking, O’Neal turned to look at Sun Hao and suddenly spoke.
“Phil, let Vlad replace me.”
Jackson was stunned for a moment, and when he saw O’Neal glance at Sun Hao again, he understood what the latter meant, and then nodded.
“Win this game.”
After O’Neal finished speaking, he walked to Sun Hao with a smile and patted Sun Hao on the shoulder.
Sun Hao was also a little unexpected.
When he was still with the Mavericks, Jackson would not replace O’Neal, and O’Neal would not take the initiative to ask for it.
But now something seems to have changed.
/But from O’Neal’s perspective, this is too normal.
He is not the kind of person who pursues statistics. If he were, he would not have allowed Kobe to take more shots than himself in the past few years, nor would he have only averaged 14 shots per game for the team last season.
You know he is still at his peak!
What he wants most is to win.
The experience of defeating Jordan but being swept by the Rockets that year was too painful for him.
So even if 39 po