o left the Lakers, didn’t win a championship!

o left the Lakers, didn’t win a championship!
These were enough to keep him entertained for a long time.
When the Lakers players walked from the locker room to the arena, the atmosphere was so joyful that they couldn’t stop.
Before Sun Hao went, he chatted with Ariza for a few words.
The general meaning is that Ariza should not make dangerous moves when guarding Durant.
Sun Hao didn’t say this on a whim.
The current Durant is thinner than the same period in history because he has never played in the NCAA.
And Ariza is a very defensively aggressive player. The biggest black spot of his career was dragging Fernandez directly from the air, causing the latter to fall unconscious on the spot and be carried away on a stretcher.
Now that history has changed, Sun Hao doesn’t want that to happen again, especially if it happens to Durant, who is just about to get a piece of the country.
This can be regarded as putting a golden bell on Durant in advance.
Of course Ariza would not disobey what Sun Hao said, and he might even understand a little more.
He still knows about the rumors and private relationship between Sun Hao and Durant.
The championship ring presentation ceremony precedes all formal ceremonies.
When the Lakers players came out, the scene was ready, and they were greeted with overwhelming cheers.
Among them is old Bass.
He seemed to be in great spirits.
As the saying goes, people feel refreshed when happy events happen, and the Lakers’ luck saved by Sun Hao seems to have made the old man’s body recover a lot.
The Lakers players lined up in a row after entering the stadium, and the championship ring award ceremony began.
But what people didn’t expect was that this year’s award ceremony was a little different from last year.
/Sun Hao was stunned for a moment at first, because there was no precedent for this kind of thing!
Just like when we usually have an important meeting and introduce the people present, we will start with the senior official first.
Just like the opening ceremony of a school sports meeting, when introducing the guests present, the principal will start.
Because they are “priority”.
The NBA is said to be a basketball league, and players and owners have a cooperative relationship, but in essence it is still a relationship between capitalists and workers.
Among these workers, the management, who run the team and can decide the fate of the players, are naturally “priority” among the workers.
But the situation in front of me is like the opening ceremony of a sports meeting. The host is full of energy with the script and his voice is loud:
Let us welcome the guests present with the warmest applause and the loudest cheers. First of all, it is Jay Chou from the second class of the third year. teacher!
If it came like this, the host would be kicked away on the spot.
But when he saw the scene footage quickly showing Old Bass, Sun Hao understood instantly.
He went up to fight but was pushed past by Sun Hao.
As people age, some very subtle changes will occ