opened a slaughterhouse…”

opened a slaughterhouse…”
The bald archer from another world asked a few ordinary questions, and Zhang Lisheng answered them truthfully. A scream came from everywhere.
The young man who was very experienced in killing heard that the scream should be the last sound made after Carmen’s neck was cut. His pupils suddenly shrank. At this time, he heard the archer suddenly ask a question. Unexpected question: “Who do you think is the most powerful person in the world? ”
“The most powerful people…well, Einstein, Newton, Hawking, and Tubalin, the first two have passed away.
/“Why do you think they are powerful? ” ”
“Einstein invented the general theory of relativity. I don’t know much about this theory, but it is said that it can explain most of the problems in the world; Newton laid the foundation for modern physics; Hawking boldly speculated on the evolution of the universe with “A Brief History of Time”. Origin, and Tubalin guessed your existence…”
“What did you say? “Zhang Lisheng’s last words shocked the archer. Just as he was distracted, a huge beast’s mouth with sharp teeth like steel drills suddenly appeared in the dark air behind him. He
was proud of his sharp ears and eyesight, and stayed in the dark. The young archer could clearly see the woods inside and heard the flapping wings of flying insects a hundred steps away. He intuitively felt that fatal danger was coming. He was stunned and did not look back at all. He rolled to the side to dodge with extreme agility.
Just when he was about to When escaping from the beast’s mouth, the giant beast’s head suddenly became more than ten times larger. When its mouth moved forward, it effortlessly licked the archer into its belly.
Chapter 144: Life and Death Decision
The Body of the Giant Beast The sound of cracking trees became louder, attracting the attention of spies from another world.
“Ekimolo! “The first person to react was naturally Kesidia, who was a powerful warrior. He held a sharp sword and suddenly jumped into the air two to three hundred meters high as if flying. From a high position, he witnessed with his own eyes a hundred meters in length, and his body was almost chopped into pieces. The two-stage giant lizard swallowed up a precious part of his own strength, and couldn’t help but angrily slashed out a sword like thunder in the air!
That giant lizard was naturally Zhang Lisheng’s Wu Chong Island Dragon. It was brought to Hawaii by the boy, and it was He followed Zhang Lisheng in hiding
until the owner walked along the forest path towards the volcano. When the witch insect accidentally walked through the woods, it was spotted by Atman and then by Kesdia and Liuli. Nas’ combined attack resulted in serious injuries.
It was precisely because of the accidental injury of the island dragon that he reminded Zhang Lisheng that another enemy had appeared, and this sudden enemy was difficult to defeat, so the young man never drove the witch bug to attack.
Until he heard that Carmen screamed before she died. He thought that after bein