Duncan looked around to make sure he was bragging, threw the ball, turned around and retreated to half court as if nothing had happened.
The scene was already filled with laughter.
Sun Hao was also amused, and this reaction was a bit cute.
It turns out that Duncan is called “Dumber” for a reason.
The Lakers attacked the frontcourt again. Facing the Spurs’ expansion defense, Payton lobbed the ball inside to O’Neal.
O’Neal leaned against Mohammed, who was half a head shorter than him, and then turned around and exerted his strength.
Amid the excited shouts of the fans at the scene, O’Neal smashed the ball directly into the basket through Muhammad.
“What TheFuck!”
Barkley in the commentary box directly hugged his head.
It’s not that O’Neal’s dunk was so inhumane. To say it was shocking, O’Neal’s previous slam dunk was the kind of shock that shattered the backboard, but because O’Neal came so suddenly!
If this is not vivid enough, refer to the principle of boiling a frog in warm water.
Popovich was also stunned.
From before the game to now, everything suggests that O’Neal is indeed injured.
So even if Duncan didn’t score the goal just now, he felt it was just a coincidence.
But this dunk completely woke him up.
God is so hurt! O’Neal is playing with him!
This was also verified in the next round!
Parker received Duncan’s supporting pass and rushed to the basket, but was directly blocked by O’Neal with a big block in the face!
Duncan quickly got the offensive rebound with his quick eyes and quick hands, and made a quick second attack. As a result, O’Neal reached out and blocked another shot!
This continuous block of shots, this reaction speed, if there is an injury, it will be a ghost! It’s true that he didn’t play much at the beginning and was full of physical energy!
And after the second block, the ball fell into Walker’s hands. The Lakers turned around and started a defensive counterattack. Sun Hao received Walker’s long pass from the backcourt and scored a fast break dunk.
Popovich, with a dark face, reached out and called a timeout.
“We succeeded~”
At the end of the game, O’Neal pulled Sun Hao and laughed.
/Most of last season’s games were played by Popovich, who took advantage of them.
But this time they played Popovich.
Watching Popovich’s expression change on the sidelines is even more satisfying than winning.
/After returning from the timeout, Duncan hit the ball with his iconic 45° angle shot to stabilize the situation.
Looking back, Sun Hao and O’Neal started a pick-and-roll. After the split, he passed the ball to O’Neal. O’Neal sent the ball into the basket against Ginobili and Duncan who was assisting in defense.
This goal was scored, as if to say: Stop pretending! I have a showdown!
Popovich’s face became even more ugly.
After coaching for so long and competing with old opponents such as Nelson and Phil Jackson, he never imagined that one day he would be fooled by O’Neal.
This made him feel that his historical status had fa