Master, the paintings you painted are really ugly. Be careful that the city manager invites you to drink tea. Hahaha.”

Master, the paintings you painted are really ugly. Be careful that the city manager invites you to drink tea. Hahaha.”
The fat monk scratched his head, looked at the humanoid pig carrying a rake painted on the wall, and said, “Is it ugly? Why don’t I think so?”
At the same time, in a restaurant in Houjianji, Yin Kuang and Li Shuangmu and Li Shuangmu were standing in front of the window, watching Chen Xuanzang and Sha Wujing walk towards the west gate through the West Street alley. It wasn’t until their figures disappeared that they left the window and sat down on their seats.
/At this time, except Leng Huaping, Qian Qianqian, and Qiu Yun, who were teasing Xiao Changsheng in the next room, everyone else was sitting around the table. The table was filled with sumptuous dishes, and the four of them, Zeng Fei, were fighting against the food master.
/“Chen Xuanzang and Sha Sha went to Ximen, probably to deal with the pig demon.” Li Shuangmu said.
“It seems that we successfully completed the task of defeating the water monster this time. The reward is not bad. At least we have one more helper.” Wang Ning was picking melon seeds with a black canine. He was picking melon seeds with a shell. , “However, Chen Xuanzang’s favorability score only increased by 1. It’s really disgusting.”
Yin Kuang said: “In his eyes, all living beings are equal, and it’s good that we can get a favorability score of +1. I just don’t know that the sand is on the land. But this is not what we have to worry about. After all, in the end we have to rely on ourselves. Then, let’s deal with Zhu Gang Hyena. Tang Rouyu, please tell me the situation at that time in detail. ”
Tang Rouyu nodded and said: “The situation at that time was like this.” Next, Tang Rouyu described in detail what happened a few days ago.
“Isn’t even an immortal a match for Zhu Gang Hye?” Pan Longtao swallowed a mouthful of food, “So scary?! A guy as powerful as Yin Kuang can’t even bear a rake from Zhu Gang Hye, so aren’t we going to give away free meat? Although I like eating meat, I don’t want to be eaten by others at all.”
Hong Zhong was a little depressed and said: “These enemies are more perverted than the last. The damn principal is the same. At least he gave us a specific task so that we know what to do. .Isn’t this obviously going to cost us our lives?” Obviously, the previous experience left a big shadow on him.
After all, the experience of stuffing a monster into your stomach, pulling it out, stuffing it in again, and pulling it out again is quite a bad experience. Now Hong Zhong seemed to be able to feel the peristalsis of the stomach wall.
Li Shuangmu said: “We are now discussing ways to deal with the pig demon. Don’t let other factors demoralize you. That is completely meaningless.”
Yin Kuang nodded and said: “In order to save time, I will say it directly. Before the combination My experience and my idea is to find out the woman and the adulterer who poisoned Zhu Gangxi, bring them to Zhu Gangxi, let the woman kill the adulterer in front of her, a