am atmosphere!

am atmosphere!
Sun Hao also successfully caught the ball and made a layup and scored two points.
After scoring these two points, Nelson went straight up and down, replacing all the main players at once!
This scene made the Lakers fans at the scene very angry.
Because the Warriors not only ended the suspense of the game early, but Sun Hao scored 50 points, and Nelson also showed off his skills!
Compare this to their boos at the beginning, this is so real!
“This is definitely the most memorable game of the season!”
Barkley said with a laugh.
As the game was coming to an end, his mood also underwent a 180-degree change.
With this result now, looking back at the boos from the Lakers fans at the beginning, it is not a bad thing.
Because in competitive sports, the winner takes all, and others will only remember the one who wins the game.
Those boos made tonight’s story more meaningful and more widely circulated.
Of course, the Lakers fans who served as the background would definitely not feel too comfortable. Many fans left the field after Nelson’s actions.
In the end, the Warriors turned the tables and won the focal point of the game.
For the Lakers, Carter scored 34 points and Lou Williams scored 24 points. The two scored 58 points in total.
For the Warriors, Durant scored 21 points and seemed to be struggling, but that’s how a super scorer is. As long as he feels good for a while, his score will never be lower.
To be more precise, it should be 50+10, because he finally contributed 51 points, 4 rebounds and 10 assists!
However, because of the glorious history of the Warriors, Sun Hao’s data is not unique.
At the press conference after the game, Nelson’s tone of voice almost made Sun Hao kiss and hug him!
Durant went from being a fanboy to Sun Chui in an instant.
Sun Hao was also blown away and blushed.
Kevin, this is not something you should say with your level of emotional intelligence!
This was quickly verified in the subsequent reporters’ questions.
“What a piece of shit. I played like a piece of shit. If I were a Warriors fan, I would definitely open Twitter and blast Kevin Durant.”
This answer immediately made Sun Hao on the side laugh.
This is too real!
But don’t tell me, it’s quite cute.
He found that being teammates with Durant was actually very interesting.
Durant looked at the reporter in confusion. He must not have been able to hear what was being said in the commentary box during the game.
The reporter repeated Splash Brothers and gave a simple explanation.
“I like this.”
Durant nodded quickly with a smile.
But Sun Hao on the side had a bit of a dumbfounded expression.
Because this should be the nickname of Curry and Thompson in history!
Now, it’s his and Durant’s.
This is going the way of Curry and Thompson, leaving those two brothers with nowhere to go!
But then again, with the current Warriors lineup, Curry and Thompson should not be on the team again.
The interview here is going on in a hurry, and the fans’ discu