addie’s family has probably moved to Noah’s World.

addie’s family has probably moved to Noah’s World.
“I also grew up near Chinatown in New York. Of course I know the location of Jasmine West Street, but it’s too dangerous to go there late at night. As far as I know, several blocks around Jasmine West Street have become the battlefield of ‘cults’…”
New York City has a large number of new immigrants and communities of color. In peacetime, they were ignored by the police and became a place where gangs were rampant. Now it will naturally become more chaotic. The role of the contending for hegemony has changed from gangs to cults. This is still a big surprise. Zhang Lisheng’s surprise.
With the help of street lights, he caught the fleeting expression of surprise on the young man’s face in the rearview mirror. Dawen was silent for a moment and continued: “You didn’t live on Moli West Street before, right?” ”
/Oh, I just have friends. Living there, um, the place I rented before has been surrendered,” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said, “But it doesn’t matter, I can take care of myself, just leave me on the roadside.” ”
At this time, you Without a document, you can only sleep on the streets, and maybe you will freeze to death if there is a heavy snowfall at night.” Unexpectedly, after hearing this, Jenny, who was sitting in the back row, said kindly: “Davin, can we help him?”
“Help him, can you give him an extra down jacket and a new ‘chimney’ when you get off the bus?” Bob in the passenger seat curled his lips and said: “Jenny, we are not those people who eat French cuisine in a luxury restaurant. He is not a wealthy philanthropist who breaks bread and throws it out of the window to feed the poor while breaking bread; nor is he a priest or nun who gets dizzy by singing hymns and eating Holy Communion every day. Giving him a ride is enough to help.”
“But maybe he will. Become our new ‘brothers’, don’t you? Don’t forget that we are different now from before.” Jenny insisted on her opinion with an incomprehensible word.
But when he heard his girlfriend’s words, Bob’s expression changed, and he was unable to argue. He opened his mouth and said helplessly: “Stop fighting, honey, and vote as usual. In short, I don’t agree to extraneous matters at this time.”
“I think since you help people, you should help them to the end.” Jenny then said: “Ruby, what do you think?”
“I listen to Davin.”
“I knew you would say that, my dear, sometimes you It’s time to express your opinion.” Jenny was a little dissatisfied with her friend’s lack of opinion. She patted the back of the driver’s seat, pointed at the black-haired young man beside her and said, “Davin, you represent two votes each, let’s decide. Should we throw this poor man out of the car on this cold winter night, or continue to help him?”
/Before Dawen could answer, Zhang Lisheng had already curled his lips and said, “Oh, Miss Jenny, I may not You think it is so miserable. Although I have lost my ID, I am a Chinese with a good mind and good skills. No matter how bad the environment is, I can still live well