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/Of course, Jeff Green must be mentioned here.
The Thunder’s scoring leader was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm before the start of the season, a life-threatening disease.
Jeff Green also had to undergo major surgery and was reimbursed for the season.
Harris made adjustments in this game, starting with Battier and letting Carter play the second position.
This adjustment is still very effective.
Although the overall offensive ability is slightly lower than the original lineup, the rhythm on the court is obviously stronger.
And Battier injected defensive capabilities into the Lakers that the original lineup did not have, making them look more like a “playoff-level” team.
However, the result was the same as the last game, the Lakers still lost to the Thunder 91-103.
The impact of the Thunder team is too strong.
Their impact is even greater than the Grizzlies.
Not to mention Westbrook, he is just a galloping horse with blood.
Then, there were two people sitting there right away, Griffin and DeAndre Jordan!
And another key figure for the Thunder that cannot be ignored is Billups, who joined in the summer.
The Thunder’s lineup has everything except experience and organization, and Billups has both of them.
So he is the one at the helm, Westbrook only needs to be responsible for rushing, and Griffin and Jordan are always ready for alley-oops.
Even Jeff Green’s absence doesn’t seem so important.
After two consecutive losses at the start of the season, the league’s penalties gave the Lakers a bad start to the new season.
However, the mentality of most fans is still relatively good.
After all, the opponents who lost the previous two games were not weak.
Then, it was the later games that really got them restless.
After two days of rest, the Lakers ushered in a legendary back-to-back.
They played against the Pacers, Trail Blazers and 76ers in three days.
As a result, they failed to win a single game and went from two consecutive losses at the beginning to five consecutive losses.
This record also refreshed the team’s worst start since entering 2000.
With a new coaching staff and new players, the overall talent of the team is poor, and the lack of tacit understanding is also a big problem.
And the most terrible thing was the last game against the 76ers. Because the schedule was too intensive, Carter sprained his foot during the game.
One thing that many people haven’t noticed is that Carter has become more attentive when playing since being stepped on by Bowen, and his style of play has changed a lot.
This has caused his game enjoyment and actual offensive threat to decline compared to his peak, but his attendance rate has become very high.
After joining the Lakers, he almost never missed a game.
But this time he was still injured, and the injury occurred in a non-confrontational manner, which shows the huge challenge that the intensive competition of the shortened season brings to the players.
/Although Carter was checked after the game and only su