This was his signature attack, and Knight quickly moved away.
But what Kobe didn’t expect was that Knight didn’t give up even after being shaken away, and his hard-fought second save actually caused some interference.
This is the real-life version of “if you work harder, the impossible becomes possible.”
Kobe dodges a small lever in the air and then takes action.
Knight still couldn’t stop Kobe’s shot, and because he pounced too hard, he slipped past Kobe and fell flat on his face.
Although he looked embarrassed, his interference finally caused Kobe’s shot to come out of the frame!
Hibbert stuck Howard under the basket and protected the defensive rebound.
The Clippers’ offense finally stopped!
After Knight saw it on the ground, he smiled and stood up with his hands on the ground, with a smile on his face.
Looking at that expression, it felt like the fall was worth it.
At this moment, he suddenly felt someone touching the back of his head.
Turning around, he saw that the person touching him was Sun Hao.
/Judging from Sun Hao’s expression, he appreciated his defensive attitude just now.
This encouraged him even more.
In fact, Knight’s defense attracted not only Sun Hao’s appreciation, but also the Lakers’ on-court enthusiasm.
Defense is often not reflected in data, but defense can also bring many things that data cannot see.
On the offensive end, Sun Hao continued to attack Sun Yue.
Sun Yue defended the ball more carefully than before, but Sun Hao also used more delicate techniques.
After a confrontation, he landed on his feet and turned around before turning around and wiping the board.
Sun Yue was obviously a little unsure of Sun Hao’s point of attack, and his final block was slow, and he could only watch as Sun Hao put the ball into the basket again.
“Perfect basketball.”
This scene also caused Breen to express emotion in the commentary box.
The same high scores are achieved, but compared to 6 years ago, Sun Hao scores in more and more delicate ways.
Not only scoring, but also visual enjoyment.
4 square meters.
Relying on a wave of personal output, Sun Hao immediately helped the Lakers tie the score.
Knight’s defense was still active, but Kobe changed his offensive method this time and allowed the basket to be attacked directly.
Knight’s body and bones obviously couldn’t stop Kobe’s breakthrough pace.
It was obvious that he was a little embarrassed when the ball was blocked just now.
Two people reached the low position.
Kobe turned around and took advantage of Knight’s defensive enthusiasm, causing Knight to foul a beater.
After being called for a foul, Knight put his head in his hands and looked a little frustrated.
At this time, Sun Hao went over and patted him on the shoulder.
With his continuous actions, it can be seen that Sun Hao really has a special regard for the team’s point guard.
After taking pictures of Knight, Sun Hao looked at Kobe and smiled.
Kobe is much older than him, and his body has begun to decline. At this time