“I know that the core of the Bulls now is Toni Kukoc. Tony and I have communicated before. You know we are both from Europe. He is good at passing and I am good at shooting. I believe we will have a very good chemical reaction. ”
Sun Hao’s rhetoric cleverly avoided the trap, and by the way, it also drew out the relationship between himself and the team boss.
The female reporter nodded repeatedly after hearing this.
Sun Hao is only 18 years old, but he looks very mature.
“What do you want to say to the Chinese fans?”
the female reporter asked a final question.
“Comrades, it’s time to watch the NBA!”
Sun Hao said this sentence not in English, but in Chinese.
And this sentence was the one that touched him the most.
The time when Chinese people paid most attention to the NBA was when Yao Ming was playing in the NBA.
But it is a pity that in his previous life, Yi Jianlian and Yi Jianlian were no longer in the NBA, let alone Yao Ming.
The only thing we can look forward to is that Zhou Qi finally became a Polish citizen. The NBA basically has nothing to do with Chinese people.
To put it bluntly, the reason why the NBA became so popular in China was entirely due to Yao Ming’s achievements.
Now Yao Ming is still in China, but he came early. It is also time to make the NBA popular in China in advance!
That way, more people will devote themselves to basketball earlier, and more capable players will emerge.
That is the greatest blessing for Chinese basketball.
For Sun Hao, the small goal of winning the championship at home is more promising.
The NBA exclusive interview ended, and Sun Hao went on to accept interviews from other media.
Sun Hao also showed his coping ability and his optimistic and positive side.
“I learned that when you were in Europe, you were called the Chinese Napoleon. Here Barkley and the others called you the Sun. I also saw that some media in China called you the Little Emperor. Which one is your nickname?”
ESPN reporter asked. Professional, asked a very gimmicky question.
And to be honest, Sun Hao hadn’t really thought about this question before. Who has nothing to do but think about his nickname?
But thinking about the scene where New York fans booed him, he suddenly felt that he needed to face up to this problem.
If you can’t afford a more domineering nickname, you may not be sure how you will be viewed when you look back.
Three nicknames, China Napoleon is too difficult to pronounce, and the Suns look like he is on the Suns team.
“Little emperor.”
He thought for a moment, looked at the reporter and replied seriously.
After this question, the reporter asked some other questions one after another, and Sun Hao answered them all with a smile.
/When the interview here ended, he saw Zhang Weiping waving to him not far away.
Finally, it’s time for the domestic interview.
He straightened his suit, smoothed his hair, and finally took a deep breath and walked forward.
But before he took two steps, he was stopped by a person who suddenly appe