Yi Jianlian’s performance really disappointed him.

Yi Jianlian’s performance really disappointed him.
However, he was disappointed, but he did not give up on Yi Jianlian because he knew that the latter was really talented.
Today’s game is the best proof.
“During the game, I was still curious about why he suddenly played so well, but after seeing you, I seemed to understand. His psychological problems had a great impact on him.”
Bob finally made his own judgment.
psychological problems.
Sun Hao slapped his mouth.
Bob had mentioned this before when Yi Jianlian came to Sierra Canyon School for trial training.
At that time, he was patting his chest and saying that he would be able to solve this problem, but now it seems that he has not.
“I understand, let me talk to him.”
On the bus to Long Beach last time, he felt that there was something on Yi Jianlian’s mind.
It’s just that Yi Jianlian didn’t say anything at that time and he didn’t ask any questions.
But now that it’s affecting his game and even his career, he still has to find a way to open up this knot.
“Brother Hao, I’ll take you to Chinatown.”
Coming out of the locker room, Yi Jianlian suggested to Sun Hao.
Chinatown, also called Chinatown, does not refer to a single street, but a special area formed by the gathering of Chinese people. It is also a witness to the history of overseas Chinese.
There are many Chinatowns in the United States, the most famous of which is New York’s Chinatown.
It is located in the South City of Manhattan, with 45 streets and an area of ??more than 4 square kilometers.
It can’t even be called Chinatown, it should be called Chinatown.
Sun Hao nodded. He had been to Chinatown several times in his previous life.
But at that time, most of the Chinese in Chinatown had left, and there was no longer the prosperity of the past, and there was even some depression.
Now, it was the prosperous era of Chinatown, and he could just go and experience it.
Speaking of the past few months since arriving in the United States, he has been training very intensively and has not had much time to go out and have fun.
Life cannot only include immediate training, but also wolfberry and travel.
/After taking a taxi to one of the entrances, they looked up and saw a familiar plaque at the street entrance.
And he looked far away.
Red lanterns, red pillars, and a number of eye-catching red Chinese signs.
Chinese red everywhere.
It felt like I was back in China.
“There is a sculpture of Sun Wen in front.”
Yi Jianlian seemed to be in a good mood. Although he was outside, he talked more.
After walking into Chinatown, Sun Hao heard many familiar voices in his ears.
/It was really familiar. He actually heard a lot of Cantonese and Hokkien.
It can even be said that most of them are, but he didn’t hear much Mandarin.
This was very touching, and he felt like he was back home for a moment.
“Beautiful boy!”
When he heard the shout, he couldn’t help but turn his head.
Look at Yi Jianlian again, his face is reddish and he looks a little excited.
Sun Hao sudde