is season.

is season.
Time flies, and it’s December in a blink of an eye.
In November, most teams in the league were dominated by zone defense, but by the time December entered, the situation had changed a lot.
After all, the NBA is the top league, and the team’s response and adaptation level are also the highest.
After entering December, more and more teams like the Mavericks have studied and adapted to zone defense, and the records of many teams have also begun to change.
The biggest change is the Timberwolves. After winning consecutive games in November, they began to lose from time to time and no longer had the momentum they had in November.
Garnett has a deeper resentment towards Sun Hao of the Mavericks.
Research between teams is invisible. He feels that the change in the Timberwolves’ record is due to the game they lost in November.
If they meet again later, he will definitely let Sun Hao and the Mavericks return double the amount.
Sun Hao’s life in December was a bit moist.
However, something very interesting happened in early December.
The league announced the winners of the major awards in November.
This year the league has issued a series of new rules. In addition to those that have an impact on the game during the offseason, there are also some that deal with honors.
The new season’s Best of the Month begins with divisions, and there are quotas for the East and West.
Eastern Conference Coach of the Month Byron Scott (Nets), Western Conference Coach of the Month Phil Jackson (Lakers).
Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month Yao Ming (Wizards), Western Conference Rookie of the Month Sean Battier (Grizzlies).
/This also takes into account the fact that he had little shot power at the beginning of the season.
One game cannot explain anything, but a month of games is enough to show that it is a good thing for Yao Ming to participate in the draft early and be selected by the Wizards.
Kidd (Nets), Eastern Conference Player of the Month, and Kobe Bryant (Lakers), Western Conference Player of the Month.
When the league selects its Player of the Month, the default criterion is to find the best player from the team with the best record.
The Lakers only lost one game to the Mavericks before entering December, and their record ranked first in the league.
In games where O’Neal was absent, Kobe frequently scored high points.
In November, he averaged 28.6 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game, while shooting 48% from the field.
/Of course, there’s also that 56-point game against the Mavericks.
“Tell Sun the news.”
At the post-game press conference, when reporters asked about Kobe winning the Player of the Month award, Kobe replied directly.
Sun Hao and Kobe have a personal relationship, but they are not particularly close.
The two started “bashing each other” directly in front of the media, attracting a lot of attention.
Of course Sun Hao didn’t care.
If the Mavericks really want to win the championship, the Lakers are the hurdle they must overcome in the Western Conf