, it is a bit like a poor version of Curry and James’ pick-and-roll.

, it is a bit like a poor version of Curry and James’ pick-and-roll.
But Martin ignored his gesture and continued to take his seat.
Sun Hao ignored him and signaled a new tactic.
He can score, but he can also organize.
He has already proven himself as a combo guard in Europe.
Jackson set up a beautiful screen for Richardson.
In fact, he is the only serious center on both sides.
Sun Hao shot the ball early, and Richardson’s three-point shot missed the ball a little.
“Big Q” will be an excellent three-point shooter in the future, but his shooting in his rookie season was not stable enough.
Martin relied on his outstanding physical fitness to grab the offensive rebound.
However, Brand was well positioned under the basket, and Martin had no direct chance to attack again.
Sun Hao signaled from the outside to give the ball out to reorganize, but Martin attacked directly.
As a result, Brand was already on guard, and when he seized the opportunity, he took a direct risk.
The ball fell into Odom’s hands, and the “left-handed magician” made a long throw from the backcourt, and the ball was thrown directly to midfielder Francis.
Francis rushed to the frontcourt, jumped into the air, and hit the frame with a C-shaped violent attack!
The scene exploded immediately.
The C-shaped dunk is closely tied to Westbrook in the future.
But in fact, Francis is the Westbrook of the beginning of the century, and his physical fitness is a bug among guards.
5 to 0!
The second grade team gave the first grade team a big start.
Sun Hao went to the frontcourt to organize again, and this time the ball was passed to Miller.
A very good opportunity. Sun Hao felt that this ball would probably be scored.
Miller has the most stable shooting among this draft class of rookies.
Unfortunately, Miller is also a Mamba fan, so he hit the frame and came out!
And the ball was thrown hard.
It can be clearly felt that on a big stage like the rookie game, they showed their true rookie side.
Brand protected the defensive rebound.
The second grade team fought back again.
This time, Sun Hao gave Francis a counterattack in advance, and Richardson and Jackson retreated in time to prevent this wave of fast breaks.
Francis challenged Sun Hao from the outside. The two had a lot of physical contact, and the fans at the scene also booed.
However, Sun Hao showed his defensive progress. His footsteps and small movements did not give Francis a comfortable breakthrough space, forcing him to shoot.
Francis’ mid-range shot hit the frame after shaking, and Martin protected the defensive rebound.
Sun Hao seemed to have springs under his feet, accelerating past Francis and passing through the midfield first.
But Martin didn’t pass it!
Not only did he not pass the ball, but he dribbled the ball forward.
/This time, Marion was caught red-handed. As soon as the ghost knife opened, he looked back and took it out, stealing the ball directly!
Before Martin could react, Marion had already taken the ball and made a