his eyes.

his eyes.
The scene in the painting is beautiful and warm.
What kind of people teach what kind of children? Cecilia was unfortunate to be abandoned, but she was also lucky to be adopted by her current adoptive parents.
Of course, it was also the luck of her adoptive parents.
Before the start of the All-Star Weekend, Sun Hao and Scarlett went to Dallas to choose a house.
/The house is in a wealthy area. It is not big, but it is well-decorated.
Scarlett was extremely excited after buying it and even jumped on the bed for a while.
The elasticity of the bed is really good, and it bounces back and forth.
This high-efficiency speed is not to launch this sneaker as soon as possible, but they hope that Sun Hao can wear this pair of shoes during the All-Star Weekend.
Sun Hao would have found Scarlett’s excitement so strange before.
But after so much experience, Sun Hao knew the relationship between Scarlett and her parents and could understand this feeling.
At night, they lie in bed and sleep.
He could only sleep, and the two of them were chatting.
Sun Hao naturally talked about Scarlett’s parents.
Before, because it was Christmas, I had doubts and kept them in my heart, but now the opportunity is ripe.
Scarlett was resistant to this topic at first, but slowly, she finally spoke out.
Scarlett’s parents got married in Denmark and moved to New York after their marriage.
That is, in New York, a very key figure, her grandfather Einar Johnson, decided her life.
Einar Johnson was a screenwriter and director in the last century, but he was not very successful.
Like Raja Bell’s father before him, he hopes his son will succeed in this area.
But it’s a pity that his son became obsessed with architecture.
Facts have proved that not every son is Raja Bell and can satisfy his father’s desire for his son to succeed.
When his son failed, Johnson turned his attention to his son’s children.
Scarlett has an older sister named Vanessa Johnson, who was trained in the direction of an actress since she was born and successfully became an actor.
Unfortunately, like Einar, they were not very successful.
Then, it fell to Scarlett.
Just like the gold rush in the United States in the last century, Einar was desperately searching for gold among his descendants.
And then Scarlett is that gold.
Her looks and talent as an actress were revealed when she was a child star.
Einar was overjoyed, and at his urging, the family moved from New York to Los Angeles, just to give Scarlett more acting opportunities.
She did get more opportunities.
So when other children are enjoying their childhood campus life, she is acting;
when other children are enjoying holidays with their parents, she is acting;
even when other children are still pursuing ignorant love, she is still acting!
This is why she went to Spain in the first place, because she was already thinking of escaping!
She felt like a puppet whose life was being arranged.
“Did you think I was a little casual at first?”
When talking about this,