will not waste dozens of minutes for more than ten or twenty dollars. If they go to play again, they will lose to the casino.

These are all small tricks used by casinos, but they can bring very huge profits. I once heard an executive from East West Bank tell me that you can use credit cards to cash out in Las Vegas, and the bank charges a 1% handling fee.
In this way, they can lose even more money.”
The general manager of Caesars Palace, who was standing next to Han Xuan, looked very embarrassed when he heard these words.
These little details that no one cared about were actually revealed to him so easily.
He lowered his voice and said: “You will also open a casino in the future. It is better not to let others know about these things. It will have a significant impact on the reputation of our Las Vegas casino.” ”
Of course I know, but it doesn’t matter. Even those People know the tricks of casinos, but when they actually come here, they still can’t control themselves. For example, these slot machines, I already know their programs, and the winning rates are set in advance, so low that it makes people feel scary. Place them on The hundreds of slot machines at McCarran Airport can earn more than 10 million US dollars every year, and they are all sent in by passing tourists. But I still want to give it a try, because who knows if the jackpot will be drawn next time. , it is because of this kind of unknown psychology that so many people come to play.”
Han Xuan stood next to several rows of the most common slot machines in Las Vegas, with the sounds of machines turning, dispensing coins, and inserting coins. It was also accompanied by yelling and cheering screams, which stimulated their nerves.
He walked over to a slot machine, put a $5 chip in, and pulled the handle.
On the screen, three wheels painted with more than ten patterns such as lemons, bananas, watermelons, grapes, etc. rotate rapidly.
Han Xuan was stunned.
Just now, I said that the winning rate of slot machines is too low. Isn’t the current situation a slap in the face? It’s so abominable!
Looking at the winning description column next to the machine, the corresponding amount behind the three watermelons was US$25,000.
/The $5 invested instantly multiplied 5,000 times!
The lights on both sides of the machine were bright and the music was playing, which attracted the attention of many people. They could not get close to it because they were blocked by security guards and bodyguards.
Seeing this scene, some guys muttered dissatisfiedly, God, he is so partial.
This little guy holding chips looked like a rich man. He won a big prize while playing slot machines. It was so heartbreaking.
The manager was very sure that Han Xuan did not cheat. He had been with Han Xuan since he exchanged the chips.
Because he clearly knew that the probability of winning the third prize in these fruit slot machines was as low as one in 50,000, his mind stayed there without turning around for a while.
After he recovered, he smiled and clapped and sa