rest early. In the past few days, you will first settle the matter of resignation, and then go to Rongcheng. I will say hello to Aunt Cheng and my sister in advance. Are you in Rongcheng? Don’t worry about food, accommodation and transportation. They will make arrangements for you.” Before leaving, Wang Bo said to Dong Zhen.

“Well, I will tell my mother when I go up later, and then I will submit a resignation report to my boss when I go to work tomorrow. But, Bobo, Aunt Cheng, would you like me to be her assistant?” Dong Zhen looked up Looking at Wang Bo, he hesitated for a long time, and finally expressed his worries.
“Why don’t you want to? She originally wanted to hire an assistant, and she asked me some time ago if I had any reliable candidates to recommend! Don’t worry, Zhenzhen, I won’t abandon my official career for personal reasons. I’ll let you go, for sure I think you are suitable for that job. You and my sister have known each other since they were young, and we have a tacit understanding when working together. There will be no problem at all being the manager for my sister and her team. To say the least, even if it is true in the end If there is a problem, it doesn’t feel right, and at best it won’t be done well.” Wang Bo patted Dong Zhen on the shoulder and said comfortingly.
When Wang Bo said this, Dong Zhen felt relieved.
Wang Bo waved to Dong Zhen and was about to leave, but Dong Zhen held his hand and refused to let him go. Her seductive lips pursed, with a look of reluctance on her face.
/“Okay, go back early. We still have more time in the future. Otherwise, after you have settled your resignation, I will go back to my hometown and pick you up personally to meet my sister and Aunt Cheng in Rongcheng. How is it?” Wang Bo pinched Dong Zhen’s face with his hand. The woman has fair skin and a soft face, which feels quite good when pinched.
“Is that what you said? Don’t go back on your word then and find some excuse to say you can’t come.” Dong Zhen narrowed his eyes. She knew that Wang Bo was very busy now and was studying in Shuangqing. Not to mention her, even his sister Li Junhua could not see him more than once throughout the year.
“I said it. It’s a promise from me, okay?” Wang Bo smiled and nodded.
“Okay then.” Dong Zhen said quietly, her mouth still pouting, and her eyes still showing nostalgia and reluctance. Wang Bo sighed in his heart, and then looked around and found that the county government compound today was much brighter than in the past. Not to mention street lights, the trees on both sides of the main road in the community are also covered with colorful light strips, which flash with colorful lights and illuminate most places in the community very brightly.
There is also a dark place under the lamp, which is the stairwell on the first floor of each unit building. There are also street lights there, but in order to save electricity, they are all sensor lights. It’s always dark when no one is around. In the past, when Wang Bo and Dong Zhen were boyfriend and girlfrie