d to work. The social security system makes people in Dubai jealous now.

d to work. The social security system makes people in Dubai jealous now.
This rule of free medical treatment applies to everyone in Qatar, regardless of whether they are residents of Qatar or not. However, do not expect to go to Qatar for free treatment with all your illnesses. This refers to emergencies, such as traveling or doing work. Business, accidental injury, illness, etc.
Real Qataris are very rich. Most of them only drive good cars. In addition, they are also good at spending money. The luxury goods consumption industry is particularly developed. If the brand product they want to buy is not available in Qatar, they will take a 40-minute flight. Go to Dubai to buy it.
/It is a country that produces oil, so the local gasoline price is cheaper than water. A liter of gasoline only costs about ten cents, sometimes even less.
There are countless benefits including marriage, childbirth, medical care, housing, etc., which are similar to those in the Emirate of Dubai, and even better in some aspects. These are the benefits brought to them by the new king. Therefore, after the chaos a few years ago, The new king did not arouse the resentment of the local residents.
Both Han Xuan and Mr. Ortega were a little shocked. The reason for shock was not because the residents of the State of Qatar had high welfare. At their level, no one was short of money.
If you pay 90% of your worth in exchange for eternal happiness in the second half of your life, I believe everyone will be willing. Even if only one tenth is left, it is enough for these people to have food and clothing for a lifetime. In other words, money has become their top priority. Not something important.
What shocked them was Mr. Al Thani’s attitude. Although he only worked a few hours a day, he made it sound like he was working very hard. Han Xuan and Ortega looked at each other and both showed dumbfounded expressions. .
Han Xuan crossed his legs and said with a smile: “As a member of the royal family, you will definitely be more tired than ordinary people. After all, there are so many things to be busy with.” ”
Yes, we members of the Qatar royal family all have our own things to be busy with. As a whole As a role model for the citizens, you should be a little tired.”
Mr. Al Thani said seriously, speaking in a matter-of-fact tone, as if it was a fact that he was tired, and then said in English with a strong accent:
“My brother only used In more than four years, Qatar has become the prosperous place it is now. I believe that in a few more years, it can get better and better. Now we in Qatar are seeking transformation and development to build a tourist city on the coastal area. If That would be great if you come and invest too. We are eager to introduce a mature business system to Qatar and build the capital into the best city in the entire Middle East. This requires attracting a large number of foreign talents. Qatar’s citizens are not Be as proficient in doing business as the Jews.”
/After finishing speaking, Mr. Al Thani’s eyes held a hint of e