hadow on the opponent!

hadow on the opponent!
The Lakers game hasn’t started yet, and Sun Hao and O’Neal are also watching the game in the video room.
Looking at the scene in front of him, O’Neill couldn’t help but shake his head.
“He’s not good. He seems like he can’t play in front of Yao.”
O’Neal complained repeatedly as he watched.
Originally, he was quite happy that the United States had such a powerful insider like Howard.
But when he saw the real deal on the playoff stage, Howard’s performance made him feel unspeakably disappointed.
“He’s just a rookie, Shaq.”
Sun Hao said with a smile.
“Eat, sleep and play World of Warcraft”, Yao Ming’s style of play is too overwhelming for Howard, just like O’Neal restrained Duncan.
But apart from Yao Ming, Howard’s performance is quite good, and as he said, Howard is just a rookie now.
“Even if I’m a rookie, I can’t play such a humiliating game.”
O’Neal looked disdainful.
Sun Hao suddenly looked at O’Neal seriously.
“You have to know one thing, there is only one Shaq in the world.”
O’Neal laughed after hearing this.
Why do you think Sun Hao is so good at talking?
Just this, Kobe will never be able to say it for the rest of his life.
Yao Ming’s suppression of Howard allowed the Wizards to open the score quickly.
And without Howard to contain him in the paint, it becomes difficult for Arenas to score from the outside.
In the end, the Wizards defeated the Magic 98-79 at home, getting a good start in the playoffs.
/Yao Ming had 33 points, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks, while Howard only had 7 points and 9 rebounds. The performance of the two was completely different.
McGrady felt average under Stevenson’s defense, making only 11 of 27 shots, but he still scored 27 points.
When the game was about to end, Jordan was shown on the sidelines, and the man’s mouth was almost crooked when he smiled.
This can be seen from the fact that his points per game in the playoffs every year are much higher than in the regular season!
He has decided that he will add another girl later, and tonight he will have a two-night stand!
After the game between the Wizards and Magic ended, the Heat and Pacers started immediately.
Wade made 7 of 25, 16 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in his first playoff game.
The Heat also lost to the Pacers 75-91.
After this game, fans couldn’t help but complain that Wade was overrated.
But in fact, it is not Wade who is overrated.
A player’s performance, in addition to his own strength and condition, you also have to look at the opponent!
Many people feel that the Pacers are not as strong without Artest, and they are a bit too impressed.
In fact, in this year in history, the Pacers reached the Eastern Conference semifinals, and unfortunately lost to the Pistons after 6 games of hard work.
That year, many Pacers fans couldn’t help but sigh: If it weren’t for the Palace of Auburn Hills, if it weren’t for Artest, they would have been the championship!
So if Wade didn’t perform like this, it would be abnormal.
After the two g