aged in DNA evidence comparison.

aged in DNA evidence comparison.
Han Bo’s eyes lit up, but he thought about it and smiled bitterly: “Director, I am quite interested in forensic science, but our OUHK does not have this major.” ”
Can I study two at the same time?”
“There are relevant regulations, as long as Obtain the consent of the supervisor and the graduate school of the school. Our OUHK does not have a graduate school. We are a graduate team. Anyway, we only need to obtain the consent of the tutor and the school.” The
two schools are also in Muxidi, very close to the school, and the conditions in all aspects are not that of an investigation. The system can’t compare.
Han Bo was overjoyed and stood up immediately and said, “Thank you, director, I want to try. If I don’t pass the exam this year, I will take the exam next year.” ”
Half a year should be enough to prepare. I will go back to accompany the bride today. I can help you find out how many times you want.” The admission information of each university, especially the tutor information, will come to the unit tomorrow morning to research and find out which university and which tutor’s graduate students are better to apply for.” “
Director, I don’t know how to thank you, I”
“Don’t thank me, that’s it. , When you have time, bring the bride over and let me have a look.”
The scorching sun in the dog days of summer is like a fire, like a big fireball, dazzling and scorching.
The earth seemed to be scorched, and all living things seemed to be in a steamer, and the heat was unbearable.
In the yard, the branches of the elm trees were motionless, the tree shadows were huddled, the leaves covered with a layer of dust curled up, and cicadas kept chirping on the trees. At the gate, the asphalt road that had just been rebuilt and opened to traffic was baked soft by the scorching sun. Looking from afar from upstairs, a sheet of transparent steam is rising slowly on the deserted road.
During the lunch break, only one person is left on duty at the police reception desk, and they can enjoy the cool breeze brought by the vertical air conditioner in the unit’s second-floor conference room.
“It’s so cool!”
Wang Yan held her laptop and pushed open the glass door. She walked to the corner with her back to the air conditioner and blew on it first. She then placed the computer opposite the “new colleague” who had just been assigned. She smiled at Chen Xingguo and his wife and said, “Instructor , Teacher Yan, I have made up my mind that after I get the key to my new home, I don’t need to buy anything else. I also need to install an air conditioner, otherwise I won’t be able to survive such a hot day.”
The 02.28 case is still in the review stage, and some of the companies involved have been transferred to the procuratorate for prosecution. The court More than two dozen cases have been tried.
/The bureau fulfilled its promise, and the branch’s forfeited points were refunded.
/If you have money, you will naturally want to improve the office environment.
The branch conference ro