y committee. Is this still the world of the Communist Party?”

y committee. Is this still the world of the Communist Party?”
Which county party committee secretary does not adjust the cadres after taking office? Can the intention be implemented without adjusting the cadres?
/Sow discord, add fuel to the fire, frame the blame, and then sit back and watch the fight between tigers and tigers. Although the new secretary made larger adjustments and used too much force, he could not do this.
Even if it succeeds, so what if the new secretary is driven out? Not only will it offend Xie Lihua and Hou Xiufeng at the same time, but it will also leave a bad impression on the superiors that a cadre who wants to work is xenophobic and has no organizational principles.
The Minister of Armed Forces patted the table and made a rare speech: “It is unorganized and undisciplined. It is so lawless. We must deal with it seriously and we cannot ignore this unhealthy trend.”
No matter how stupid Luo Hongxin is, he understands what it means to him if this matter is not handled well. He said solemnly: “Although it happened, I believe that the vast majority of comrades are good and the vast majority of comrades did not participate. Thinking about it carefully, I have a responsibility It’s a big responsibility. Next time the Standing Committee will hold a self-criticism, please also criticize.”
“Secretary Luo, the problem now is that the disciplinary inspection cadres have arrived at Liangzhuang. If Comrade Lu Huisheng is also involved, this matter will become more troublesome. ”
Contact Jiao Handong and ask him to do Lao Lu’s work.”
Silk Group is a big trouble, but it is not difficult to solve.
In contrast, Liangzhuang’s talents were a big problem. Before taking office, the old leader didn’t say anything else. He only told him to respect the old comrades when he came to Si Gang, especially the retired deputy researcher Lu Huisheng.
A person’s name, the shadow of a tree.
His achievements were so “brilliant” that Luo Hongxin always paid attention to them. Within a few days of taking office, he expressed condolences to the veteran cadres. During dinner, he took the initiative to sit at the same table with Lao Lu and toasted him three glasses of wine in a row.
It’s a pity that today is such an unlucky day. Luo Hongxin raised his head and said, “I contacted you but I couldn’t. Chen Wenbing said that Comrade Handong went to Anle to discuss a project. It might be inconvenient to speak, so he turned off his phone.”
The phone vibrated, and Fang Feng quickly stood up to prepare. Go out and pick it up.
Luo Hongxin waved her hand, and Fang Feng simply turned on the speaker and asked, “What’s going on?”
Shi Xianghui didn’t know what was going on, so he spoke more casually, suppressing a smile and reported: “Fang Bureau, that Ding Ze is not joking, he really moved the Procuratorate out. Procuratorate The person arrived with the summons procedures. But it was someone else who came. The weekly inspection felt something was wrong, so he came to see for himself.”
“What’s wrong?”
/“Deputy Secret