onx, and we have arranged 40 convenience stores there. Share, Mr. Robin from the think tank reported that it may not be enough.” Joseph said.

onx, and we have arranged 40 convenience stores there. Share, Mr. Robin from the think tank reported that it may not be enough.” Joseph said.
“The Bronx, what’s the current population there?”
“More than 1.1 million residents. Most of the residents are African-American and Latino immigrants. The economic situation is average. Last year, it ranked last among the five counties in New York.” ”
A convenience store radiates three Ten thousand people is too many.”
The old man thought for a while, walked into the elevator and looked at his watch: “Let’s reduce this number to 20,000, which is only 9:40. By 10:30, it is estimated that 700 people will enter the venue. It’s more popular than expected.”
Joseph laughed, took a pen to write it down in his notebook, and asked again: “Increase to fifty-five? Are supporting services enough?”
/As the president’s assistant, he is mainly responsible for assisting the president in his work. , the focus of the work includes consulting, suggestions, execution, coordination, auxiliary management, etc., with great power.
“It’s not enough to increase it. I don’t believe that New York can’t be done well. Let’s take a look at the data this time. If it exceeds expectations, we will do the same in the future and raise it a little higher in Manhattan. As soon as the auction is over, let the think tank analyze it and do it as soon as possible. Plan it for me.”
While walking and chatting, they arrived at the top-floor office. John was busy, with Thomas and Heinrich, two followers, following him wherever he went.
John himself was also a novice, and they saw him scurrying around. When the old man saw this, he waved and shouted, “You two! Come here!” ”
Boss, what’s the matter?”
Thomas smiled too much, and Han Xuan always felt a little obscene.
Heinrich stood aside with his hands behind his back, like a student who was forced to stand by his teacher.
The old man ignored them and turned to Han Xuan: “Recruit them to your company. The positions should not be too high.”
After John heard this, he handed the document in his hand to him: ” I don’t have an assistant anymore?”
/“I see they are very idle, and you don’t need an assistant.”
Joseph’s phone rang, he walked not far away and said a few words, then hung up and shouted: “Three hundred and fifty, boss.”
As soon as his hand was on the doorknob, the old man paused and said to John, “What time is the auction down in the Bronx?”
“Eleven o’clock, Staten Island, Richmond County. There are more than 300,000 people there, and it is relatively small. It is inconvenient to take a ferry to enter the city, so the auction is arranged locally.” ”
“The Upper East Side is just half the way from home.”
Which one compares between Sotheby’s and Christie’s? close?”
“Sotheby’s auction house is located near the Museum of the City of New York on the Upper East Side. It only takes 20 minutes to drive there. I can get there in time before the auction starts,” John said.
Affected by the urban heat isl