given in. “Just kidding, you took such a top-notch little loli away and trained her for two years. Is she a nymphomaniac or a female beast that she sent to my house? Your method inherited from the secret method of ghosts and beasts, “Red Eyes’ Blood”, is too rough and dark. , the women who are trained are often full of brains and do not even have the character traits they should have. Beautiful girls are meant to be loved and cared for, not to be ravaged and destroyed like that by you.”

“Yes, after ‘pain’ and then ‘love’, this is the essence of my way. From the perspective of emotion and body, let the beautiful girl forget everything in the endless cycle of desire.”
While speaking, Zhu Sansan stretched his hands, and his originally ordinary face revealed a gorgeous pink color, flushing with excitement. It seemed as if she was undertaking some great undertaking, but the faint coldness all over her body made Han Youer’s face turn blue while she was holding it. “”Blood of the Red Eyes”!? Isn’t that a work of ghost magic that claims to subvert a normal person’s worldview by reading just one article? After reading two articles, a lunatic will turn into a normal person. It is a beast that should not exist in the human world. Tao secret code?”
/Chapter 232 Northland Hanshuai, Ye Xuancang
As the pure spirit foxes of the Han family, the life belief passed down in their blood since ancient times is to love the same master and forget the master after death. Only the strong person in front of them is the core of their lives. So even though she had a deep relationship with Master Lingluo, and Lingluo was very good to her, the moment the old man died, Han Youer’s feelings for him ended with his death.
/At this moment, the thought running through Han You’er’s mind was to quickly find a strong core of life so that he could live a comfortable and stable life again. Speaking of which, their living habits are quite similar to those of some women in modern society. They are like ivy. Without strong branches to cling to, it is almost impossible to live or even survive.
“Hahahaha, Brother Zhu is worthy of being called the Blood Shura King. The guards of the formation eye on the seventh floor are by no means weak, but Brother Zhu only took about a stick of incense to completely defeat him. Alas, if God If Lord Snake is willing to use all his strength, I am afraid that the mere Tianhu Qingqiu has been destroyed by us long ago, so there is no need to delay it for such a long time.”
A seemingly heroic laugh came from far and near. The monks from Hanshan Court and Kuji Sword Gate came together after the mist formed by the formation gradually dissipated. Because of the external threat, Zhu Peng and Zhu San were also 3. Liberation from the competition for “beautiful meat”. The monks of these two sects are not good people. If they are not handled carefully, something may go wrong.
Zhu Sansan made Han You’er unconscious with a flick of her hand, then took a few steps forward and stood beside Zhu Peng, with a low eyebrow, as if she was real