Only after the name is recorded, with the blessing of God, some disasters can be avoided to a small extent.

This can be regarded as some kind of successful attempt by Zhang Jian to refine the weapon.
After worshiping his ancestors, Zhang Jian looked in the direction of the West Palace again.
When Zhang Yi was in danger, he should actually inform Bai Liying.
However, Bai Liying has not long since condensed the elixir and needs to rest. Furthermore, even if Bai Liying knows about it, I am afraid it will only disturb the Taoist mind.
It’s better not to know.
In the vast fairyland, ‘Qingxia Daojun’ is doing some repairs at this time, and at the same time thinking about how to plug the loopholes of the last embezzlement of public funds.
/She just misappropriated a “mere” Fenglingxianxing, but she still had a way to fill the loopholes. After all, she held an innate meritorious treasure and more than 12 million incense, which was enough to make incense bricks. There are more than 1,200 coins, which is a huge amount of money.
It is enough to buy a heaven and earth artifact with innate thunder attributes.
It may not be as good as Feng Lei Xian Xing, but it won’t be much worse.
“The ontology should be able to ‘understand’!”
‘Qingxia Daojun’ thought secretly.
His expression couldn’t help but become much more relaxed.
Yes, she is the incarnation of a dignified Taoist monarch, how could she be stumped by such a trivial matter!
But at this moment, her expression suddenly changed, and her figure suddenly appeared beside the Two Boundary Ponds. She just glanced at it, and the smile on her lips froze.
“Coming again so soon?”
Chapter 373: Continue to embezzle
Boom! !
‘Qingxia Daojun’ seemed to hear the sound of vast thunder in the next moment, like billions of thunders surging.
Hearing this magnificent figure, ‘Qingxia Daojun’ was startled, and his face changed instantly.
She ignored the worries in her heart, a golden light appeared in her hand, the incense palace lantern flew out above her head, and the mana in her hand condensed and penetrated into the two realms pool.
With the support of her magic power, the two-realm pool calmed down.
“It seems that the efficacy of this oldest pool of two realms is still a little weak. Some of the sacred materials inside have been impacted too many times, and the forbidden method has become loose and needs to be repaired.”
‘Qingxia Daojun’ This thought flashed through his mind.
In an instant, golden light emerged from the nine-color pool water, and then a magnificent golden body of incense flew out of it.
The incense is strong and the golden light is dazzling.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ is a little distracted!
In the eyes of the former ‘Qingxia Daojun’, it was like huge sums of money falling from the sky.
Now they have become pure bricks. If there are too many bricks, Dao Lord will be crushed to death!
In her slightly helpless eyes, she saw streaks of golden light flying out one after another, being collected by the incense palace lantern in her hand.
/The nine-color pool water r