o home.”

Sanqing Peak, Yuhuamen.
The expansion of Houshan has begun in full swing.
The reason is that the rainy weather has increased recently, and the outer disciples can refine elixirs in the alchemy room, while the other players brave the wind and rain, which seriously affects the efficiency of elixir production.
Lu Bei couldn’t bear it, and promised to give everyone a warm home. He saved some money and purchased a batch of building materials to expand the sweatshop.
Different from the previous civil engineering projects, the structure of the two-story factory building was simple and only needed a hand, so there was nothing wrong with the Emei faction this time. After the leader Lu gave an order, the players actively signed up and almost fought with each other to get a slot to move bricks.
Leader Lu posted another notice to go out to slay demons. He promised that a pigeon would last for three or four days for novices. The players were angry, but for the sake of his compensatory mission, they generously expressed their innocence.
As a high-end professional player, competing with an NPC is too expensive. Besides, the leader didn’t just let go of his ambitions suddenly, he posted a notice.
Just like asking for leave in advance, it is actually a kind of failure to do so.
Looking at the hand-drawn drawings of the player with the ID name “I and Tu Mu”, sweating profusely, and directing other players to start construction, Lu Bei raised his hand and touched his chin, remembering an interesting thing.
In version 1.0, some high-end players used their weapon refining skills to assemble a shotgun in the world of immortality without having to operate machine tools. It became very popular, and various versions of firearms sprung up like mushrooms after rain.
/Although it is still in public beta now,
“The Yuhua Sect already has civil engineering elites. Isn’t it too much to add an engineering elite?”
The secret realm of Huolong Mountain continues to ferment. With the help of interested people, various rumors and gossip are flying all over the sky, especially in Ningzhou and Pingzhou. Any monk with long ears has heard several versions.
Not to mention the official forum, in order to attract eyeballs, the titles are more shocking than the last.
As She Zhang said, due to rumors spreading and friends of friends being killed in Huolong Mountain, the monks in the two places are no longer as eager to pursue the secret realm as usual. Not to mention fearing it like tigers and wolves, at least they have learned to think twice before acting.
In crisis, there is opportunity; if there is willingness, there is gain.
Although the opportunity is good, life is more important. They are all long-lived immortal cultivators. Everyone knows how to choose.
When the monks hear this rhythm, it means they have been taught. When the players hear this rhythm, it means they will stay wherever it is cooler. They are not afraid of death, they like excitement.
For a time, the number of players who came to Wuzhou increased great