the flow of the spiritual light.

All in all, the next moment was like the time in the past when the Dharma-Xiangdao boy came.
Unexpectedly, in this mysterious and metaphysical realm, the sound of Chu Weiyang’s breathing actually seemed to be heard, and Chu Weiyang spat out a mouthful of “Qi” filled with spiritual light.
The aura shone out from not far away in front of Chu Weiyang. In the process of turning from non-stop to something, the two talisman and seal patterns formed by the intertwining of the five-color aura appeared and merged with each other in an instant.
In fact, under Chu Weiyang’s gaze, the two true forms merged and became indistinguishable from each other, and then led to the “Dao Heng Diagram” that was still immersed in the changes of virtuality and reality.
The bright yellow round wheel is hanging behind the overlapping true-shaped illustrations, as if it is hanging in the air like a mirror wheel of Taoism. In the infinite light, there is not only the appearance of reality and reality in the “Taoheng Diagram”, but also the appearance of reality. A door opened, reflecting the true power of the gilded divine flower and Taoist fruit, wandering in the talisman and seal patterns, nourishing the Dharma that was slightly lacking in foundation, but still had a complete outline and context.
After seeing these Dharma images clearly, Chu Weiyang’s physical body easily emerged from the mysterious and metaphysical realm.
At this time, Chu Weiyang was in a mysterious and unspeakable state.
But Chu Weiyang had already “broken free” from that path of cultivation.
Just like the practice of “Dharma Appearance, Heaven and Earth”, it is now a parallel practice of the Six Paths True Form Illustration.
In this one, not to mention that the Langhuan Seal Seal itself is a talisman seal pattern of the highest level, and even the golden and red flags have been smelted into magic weapons by Chun Yuzhi.
In this way, Song Qingxi seems to have become a kind of “experiment”, first confirming whether the magic weapon entrusted by the golden elixir monk can be “integrated into a human and an instrument” with the true form diagram.
This is another path where preparations have already been made in the past, and now they are just waiting to be harvested.
Looking at it this way, it seems that what Chu Weiyang needs to do is to push all the way across the galaxy and practice the method in an orderly manner, which is enough to reach the step of perfection and harmony on this path.
/Looking at it this way, I only hope that Song Qingxi, the great monk of the Sword Sect, can kill more quickly during this disaster in the outer sea.
She was not fighting for her own life, she was clearly fighting for Chu Weiyang’s life!
At this moment, when Chu Weiyang revealed all the two Dharma Appearances, and then relied on the metaphysical realm to practice the wonderful method of “Dharma Appearance Heaven and Earth”, and then his physical body and Taoist body, a true shape diagram. When Chu Weiyang stood in this trial world without being ex