i walked towards Huang He helplessly. They all saw that he convinced others with his reason, but the other side was unreasonable and shielded the culprit. He had no choice but to fight back out of self-protection. Afterwards, Huang Ji Zong could not turn the truth around and put the stigma on him. On his head.

Five feet apart, the two of them accelerated in tacit agreement, leaving an afterimage on the spot, and collided with each other at high speed.
Accompanied by a loud noise, boundless air waves rolled in all directions. The blue bricks in front of the county gate rippled like a lake, and pieces of blue bricks were thrown into the air and exploded into pieces.
The vast power remained, and seven or eight Huangji Sect disciples waved their Qi walls to block it, and quickly retreated in shock.
A figure hit his feet, embedded in the masonry ground, and cracked branches.
When several disciples saw their steward being sent flying with a punch, they gasped and retreated three points faster.
“How is that possible! It’s impossible?”
Huang He got up from the pit dumbfounded and stared at Lu Bei who was slowly approaching. Why was he knocked over by a punch when he was in the Xiantian realm versus the Dan Bao realm?
He is a physical practitioner!
Seeing Huang He’s bewildered expression, Lu Bei kindly explained his confusion: “Sex is like a steel knife for scraping bones. Boss Huang’s legs are weak, his feet are weak, and his waist is weak. Ding advises you to go back and recuperate for two days, and avoid your sister-in-law to avoid future problems.” It’s embarrassing again.”
“Bah, you don’t know how long-lasting the Xiantian realm is. Don’t talk about my sister-in-law. Even if my sister-in-law comes, it will take a while. Where did I get my sister-in-law?”
Falling into the illusion, Huang He’s fighting ability has not declined, but his thinking and reaction have definitely dropped by more than one level. Feeling that he has lost face, he takes out a pair of fists and puts them on, his figure suddenly disappears, speeds up his punches, and suddenly appears on Lu Bei’s body. forward.
Clang! !
Gold and iron clashed, and sparks burst out.
Lu Bei held a knife to block the punch, and fought Huang He quickly with fast strikes. The light and shadow were intertwined, and the figure was unpredictable. Huang He was so weak that he had nowhere to go. His luck was unstable several times, and he almost coughed up blood from the frustration.
There’s something wrong with this guy!
/Huang He pulled back and looked at Lu Bei warily. He was faster and stronger than him, but his moves were weird. Every blow was stuck at the key point of his strength. It would be very uncomfortable if he couldn’t move up or down.
“I know, you are a demon cultivator!”
“Yes, Boss Huang has good taste.”
From the corner of his eye, Lu Bei caught a glimpse of She Zhang clearing away the red cloud except for the last small piece. He no longer hid his clumsiness and drew the sword forward with one hand.
Five-colored haloes of gold, wood, w