“There’s no one inside, and there’s no aura of magic.”
“Corpse Collector” Frye added hoarsely:
“No evil spirits.”
He can see many spiritual entities, including evil spirits and resentful spirits, without turning on his spiritual vision.
Leonard took a step forward and punched the door lock just like yesterday.
This time, not only did the surrounding wooden boards shatter, but even the door lock bounced off and landed with a clang.
Klein felt that some kind of invisible seal disappeared instantly, and immediately after, he smelled a strong stench.
“Corpse, rotting corpse.” “Corpse Collector” Frye stated coldly.
He didn’t show any signs of nausea.
Dunn stretched out his black-gloved right hand and slowly opened the door. The first thing that caught everyone’s eyes was a fireplace. In the weather in early July, there was an unusually sultry heat inside.
In front of the fireplace, there was a rocking chair, and an old woman in a black and white dress sat on it with her head lowered.
Her whole body had grown abnormally, and her skin was black and green, swollen to the point of shining. It seemed that if she was poked casually, it would explode, spewing out a putrid stench, while strips of maggots or parasites were infesting the flesh and rotten flesh. Between the liquid, in the clothes and folds, crawling in and out of the spiritual vision, they are like points of light, surrounded by a mass of extinguished “darkness”.
Snap, snap.
Two of the old woman’s eyeballs fell off and fell to the ground, rolling around several times, leaving a few yellow-brown marks.
Klein felt nauseated and could no longer restrain the influence of the stench, so he bent over and vomited.
Klein squatted there, vomiting uncontrollably. Because he had not eaten breakfast, he quickly vomited all his inventory.
At this time, a tin-colored square pot that looked like a cigarette box appeared in front of him.
The mouth of the bottle without the cork emitted a mixed smell similar to tobacco, disinfectant, mint leaves, etc., which made Klein’s nose suddenly choke and his whole body became energetic.
The strong stench still lingered around, but Klein no longer felt nauseous, and the vomiting quickly stopped.
He followed the tin-colored square pot upwards and saw a hand that was too pale to look like a living person, saw the sleeves of a black windbreaker, and saw “Corpse Collector” Frye, who had a cold and gloomy temperament.
“Thank you.” Klein completely recovered, put his hands on his knees, and stood up again.
Fry nodded expressionlessly:
/“Just get used to it.”
He plugged the mouth of the small tin pot, put it in his pocket, turned around and walked towards the highly decomposed body of the old woman, and started the inspection directly without wearing gloves, while Dunn Smith and Renner DeMichele was strolling around the room, touching the table and newspapers from time to time.
Old Neil pinched his nose and stood outside the door, complaining angrily:
“It’s so disgusting, I’m going to apply for a subsidy this mon