ere killed in one fell swoop. If they didn’t show grief, would they still be considered human beings?

“Let’s all search separately and help collect the corpses. If there are any surviving retainers, let them take them back; if not, arrange for someone to take them back!”
/Chelsea said emotionally.
With such heavy casualties, as the nominal leader of the alliance, he was naturally under a lot of pressure. Thinking about Chelsea, I felt depressed. As the boss, he didn’t get any benefits at all, but the trouble came first.
With so many people dead, an explanation must be given. If you don’t put your allies’ affairs in order, you can drown them in spittle.
Dealing with the aftermath is not just about collecting the corpses, but also winning battle credits for the allies.
Although these families are about to change their heads and are unable to participate in the subsequent battle for territory, they still have to fight for compensation from other resources.
Theoretically, all you need to do is follow the rules, but adults know that systems are also enforced by people. If no one helps to fight for it, the so-called compensation will be a joke.
Others can hide, but Chelsea must step forward. Otherwise, how could he, the boss, be convincing?
The reputation of a noble is greater than the sky. For the sake of his own reputation, Chelsea can only bite the bullet.
Of course, everything has two sides. Although these problems are troublesome, if they are solved well, Chelsea’s reputation in the aristocratic circle will also greatly increase.
Everyone, including Hudson, nodded, acquiescing to Chelsea’s proposal.
They all live in aristocratic circles, so they still need face. After all, we are allies, and everyone is happy to contribute to such a simple task as collecting the corpses.
However, this help is limited to the noble himself. No one paid attention to the ordinary soldiers who died in battle.
According to mainland practice, the bodies of nobles who died in battle will be sent back for burial if conditions permit. As for ordinary soldiers, it depends on the situation.
There is no doubt that the casualties in today’s war are so heavy that ordinary soldiers are obviously not taken into consideration. There are corpses all over the mountains and plains, and the best option is to deal with them with fire.
Hudson was speechless as he watched his allies mount their war horses and supervise his men to search for corpses. I thought I was obscene enough, but I didn’t expect that there were so many like-minded people.
They agreed to collect the corpses of their allies, but in the end they all went to make war fortune. The true expression of their feelings just now was just acting.
Needless to say, we must speed up. Everyone suffered heavy losses in this war, and we didn’t get any supplies, so we could only draw ideas from the dead.
The noble family also had no food left, and in a battle that was destined to be a loss of blood, it was only a matter of how much they could recover.
/Hudson has no hope of money or any