scene, Qin Yanan had no intention to take into account the development of Jiuzhou Fenglei Jianmen. He had been preparing for the future of childcare.

“You spend all day raising babies in the mountains, so there must be someone in the door who can do the work.” Liu Changan simply explained that he is the owner of the door, and his majesty and right to speak are unquestionable. He is quite satisfied with Li Hongfang’s ability to do things. , As for Li Hongfang’s small shortcomings and offending people, Liu Changan can also tolerate it. After all, he is generous and tolerant.
Although Qin Yanan also has a broad mind, he only has the capacity to bury people, which is different.
“Yaya, if you are in the palace, then you are Zhaoyi. With the support of the Queen Mother, becoming a queen is just around the corner, and Miss Xiaofang is currently a female official below the level of beauty, so you don’t have to worry about it. “Shangguan Dandan came over, took Qin Yanan’s hand, and comforted his favorite daughter-in-law.
Shangguan Dandan’s favorite daughter-in-law is sometimes Zhou Shuling, and sometimes she is Qin Yanan. This is a random state, just like Liu Changan sometimes calls Shangguan Dandan the old lady, and sometimes calls her little girl. It is also random.
Qin Yanan thought about it. Even Su Mei, a cruel and evil woman, had gone to the Antarctic. What kind of trouble could Su Mei’s men do?
This also confirmed what I had originally thought. There is no documentation for girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-fiancées, etc. As a sister, as long as I don’t act stupidly and do something perverse, my position will be the most stable. .
/What’s more, he still has his baby in his belly. The idea that a mother values ??her child is something that can be criticized. When it can be used by herself, she still has to support it.
While Qin Yanan was talking to Shangguan Dandan, Liu Changan walked over and led Zhou Dongdong upstairs. Zhou Dongdong took the opportunity to hang the thermos bottle in his hand around Lu Sien’s neck.
Lu Si’en stood downstairs and watched for a while. When he lowered his head, the thermos bottle strap slipped from his neck. After all, this was just Shangguan Dandan’s thermos bottle, and Shangguan Dandan = the person in the coffin = bones without flesh, so there was no need to care.
Lu Si En also followed him upstairs, wagging his short fleshy tail.
“Brother Chang’an, sister Dandan became Sun Wukong this morning.” Zhou Dongdong knew that brother Chang’an had gone out early in the morning, because after Zhou Dongdong got up, he first ran to brother Chang’an’s bedroom to take a look.
/Then he must not know about Sister Dandan transforming into Sun Wukong, and he must report it quickly.
“Oh, then Sister Dandan can not only transform into Sun Wukong, but also make you fly around. Do you prefer Sister Dandan now or brother Chang’an more?” Liu Changan looked at the door and asked in a low voice.
Liu Changan didn’t really care, he just felt a little embarrassed that such a question was heard.
Zhou D