d to buy an ordinary mop and deal with it himself.

“You can change your car if you want. I won’t say anything and I don’t need you to save me a dowry. You can spend the money you earn how you want. Oh, to be precise, your father bought you the car. Money, don’t mind what I think.” An Nuan gently advised, sometimes a mother’s mentality is just like that of a child, and you have to coax her while she’s pretending.
“The dowry still needs to be prepared. Besides, if you graduate and enter the society, don’t you want your family to provide some capital?” Liu Yuewang said a little embarrassed.
“Even if Liu Changan doesn’t have a house, the rent and house price in Junsha are not high. You don’t have to worry about it. We can do it ourselves.” An Nuan said disapprovingly. It wasn’t that she hadn’t been beaten by reality or was too naive, but she also looked carefully. After seeing many reasons why graduate couples broke up, I found that it did not exist between myself and Liu Changan.
/Liu Changan will cry if he breaks up with him in the future.
“Tsk, tsk, how old are you? I have considered everything. When you say this, can you be a little more coy, shy, and hum? So direct, not reserved at all.” Liu Yuewang was actually very satisfied in his heart. Yes, this is a good daughter with upright values ??that I have worked hard to cultivate, but I usually have a habit of attacking An Nuan, and now I have to suppress her momentum. I can’t let her be too independent, and it will be easy for her to not trust her mother. , Don’t take your mother seriously, think about problems in the future, and habitually forget your mother’s feelings and opinions.
“Professor Liu, you’re so annoying. If I try to be more coy, you’ll accuse me of being pretentious, and your skin will get goosebumps when you look at me.” An Nuan knew Liu Yuewang’s routine well and looked at her phone again. , “I am nineteen this year and twenty next year. Twenty is the legal age for marriage, so this is the age when the country reminds me to start thinking about it. It is very appropriate to consider these.”
/An Nuan is a little ready to make a move. Nowadays, college students seem to be able to get married while still in school? Maybe Liu Changan didn’t agree. After all, there were many flowers in Hunan Dake that peeled off their petals and exposed their pistils, waiting for him, the little bee, to pick them, roll in the powder at the heart of the pistils, and be covered with nectar.
Liu Changan used to compare himself to bees, as if he compared himself to flowers. Regardless, it was also his fault to let An Nuan remember the business trip.
“I can’t help but ask Liu Changan to accompany me to the auto show tomorrow. Will you go?” Liu Yuewang asked An Nuan symbolically.
Liu Yuewang knew An Nuan’s thoughts and always felt very embarrassed and depressed. As a clean and single woman, her daughter was always suspicious and wary of her, asking her to stay away from her boyfriend. Is this ridiculous?
Thinking of this, before An Nuan could say anything, Liu Yuewang