to disappear.

During the 40,000 to 50,000 years she has been running the Tianhe River for smuggling, she still doesn’t know that there is something else going on in the Tianhe River!
Unfortunately, that world closed up too quickly and disappeared.
“Did you hear the bell just now?” Emperor Chonghua asked.
Joy was surprised and shook her head.
Her cultivation was not as good as Emperor Chonghua, and she did not hear the voice in the golden light.
Emperor Chonghua showed a strange look and said: “I just heard the sound of a bell in the golden light, clanging like it was swinging left and right.”
He wondered: “Could it be that a bell flew through the air? What kind of bell has such an amazing speed?”
The tide of the Three Realms is approaching, and too many strange things have happened.
He didn’t take it to heart.
In that golden light, the big bell hung above Xu Ying’s head, clanging, but it was because Taoist Wukong’s speed was so fast that it was agitated and swayed left and right.
Xu Ying could only see various rays of light flashing past in front of his eyes. He didn’t know how fast he was going, and he didn’t know where he was going.
Suddenly, the golden light stopped.
Taoist Wukong smiled and said: “Xu Xiaoyou, I have been thinking about it these days. I gave Qingyu three lotus seeds, but Qingyatou is not the main force to save me, you are my savior. So what I give you must not be Inferior than Qing Yatou.”
After Fairy Qingyu obtained three lotus seed Taoist fruits, her cultivation strength and Taoist practices improved by leaps and bounds, and she became an immortal directly without going through a tribulation. Her Dao foundation has also become more stable, and the benefits she has received are so great that she is envied by countless people.
Xu Ying looked around and saw that the place was desolate and empty. The heaven and earth were dilapidated and decayed. The sky was like a spider web, riddled with holes. The land was also broken into pieces. It was a scene of death of all things.
There was also an evil and gloomy atmosphere here, which made Xu Ying very uneasy.
This kind of evil always wants to invade his Taoist heart and awaken something.
/The big bell flew up and made a clanging sound, but the sky was annihilated in pieces, the earth was broken, and evolved into earth, water, wind and fire. Earthquakes continued, floods were surging, and the wind helped the fire. Thousands of miles of space were destroyed in an instant!
Da Zhong was startled and said quickly: “Pengci! Pengci, right? I don’t admit it!”
Xu Ying was also shocked. The hidden space in the Milky Way has become more easily broken than porcelain. If you are not careful, it may turn into ashes!
“I was thinking about giving you a few things that you can use, so I checked your body and spirit. This discovery is extraordinary. It turns out that Taiqing, Yuxu, and Xuhuang have all given you benefits.”
Taoist Wukong sighed and said, “This puts me in a difficult position. I can’t be stingier than the Demon Ancestor, right? I though