f miles long. It is a giant beast that has existed in the ancient times. It is powerful, but compared with gods like him, it is still much inferior!

Big fish pounced, but were killed by Him, and their blood dyed the gaseous star red.
There were also some big fish that opened their mouths and emitted sound waves visible to the naked eye, which shattered the sky and hit Long Yuan God, knocking him back.
/There was also a big fish that hit its head, just like the mythical Gonggong headbutting Mount Buzhou, causing the sky to tilt and the earth to collapse!
God Long Yuan was knocked back repeatedly, and another fish tail swept towards him, hitting him with a snap and sending him flying tens of thousands of miles away!
God Long Yuan was furious and laughed loudly: “You low-level creatures rely on your own strength and don’t know the power of God! Today I will let you see the true face of God!”
His body suddenly expanded, getting bigger and bigger, becoming more majestic and majestic, gradually surpassing the gaseous star.
His back split open like a huge canyon, and out of the unfathomable canyon emerged hundreds of divine dragons connected with the canyon’s flesh and blood, but the dragon’s head was extremely ferocious.
Those dragon heads are surrounded by sharp corners, full of joints, and the tips are extremely sharp!
The sharp corners are covered with strange textures, which are the runes of heaven!
They opened their mouths and roared, issuing bursts of dragon roars. However, the sharp teeth in their mouths were jagged, as if the Creator had sharpened the mountains and rivers of different heights and inserted them into their mouths!
One after another, the divine dragons opened their bloody mouths, biting the big fish that came at them in twos and twos, tearing apart the flesh and blood of the big fish, and even biting them off at the waist!
This kind of scene is something Xu Ying has never seen or heard of!
When Da Zhong saw this scene, he couldn’t help being frightened and murmured: “The god I suppressed may not be underage compared to this one.”
Long Yuan God participated in the Battle of Heavenly Road and was extremely powerful, far beyond the reach of ordinary Gods.
Xu Ying ignored them, flew with his sword, shuttled between the big fish, and beheaded one of the dragons.
At the same time, the big bell is gradually activating its power, ready to explode at any time!
An Qi spewed out various magic weapons in his body, took the magic weapons collected from the Imperial Tomb of the Lishan Tomb, and quickly built a Xiyi Realm, thinking: “Although I can’t help, I am diligent. Being studious is not a deserved reputation!”
The big bell was a scrapped bell, but An Qi was different. He had studied with Zhu Chanchan for a period of time, and knew how to use the magic weapons of the Huangling Jinren to build the Xiyi Realm and increase his magic power.
The Twelve Golden Men in the Imperial Tomb rely on the built Xiyi Realm and the energy of incense as power to kill in all directions. As long as Jian Qi can u