p 100 richest people in the world.”

“I may be overtaken by you in the future. At this age, I can no longer compete. But you are young and heroes come from young. Moreover, the company has not yet been listed, and the assets will increase in value once it is listed!”
This rich man named Wang is a big shot in Zhongzhou.
Facing Sun Yaohuo, he had many emotions, not only for business reasons:
“Two years ago, I remember that you just made it to the 100th place on the Qinzhou rich list. In the past two years or so, you have rushed to the top 50. In addition, I think all the restaurants under your name have opened to us. In Zhongzhou, there is a hot pot restaurant three kilometers away from my home. The business is very good, and you seem to have opened a few hotels in other continents. Are you planning to put some Huahun series in the hotel? ”
“Brother Wang, please don’t probe into me.”
Rich friends like Sun Yaohuo kept asking him about the Shadow Painting Soul series every now and then: “There will be a Shadow Painting Soul series, but they are all taken from Qinzhou. I really have no idea about the new Painting Soul works. ”
“All right.”
The rich man surnamed Wang was a little disappointed.
In fact, some people are willing to make friends with Sun Yaohuo. One is because they think he has a bright future, and the other is because he can contact the shadow.
Everyone is so hungry for the Huahun series.
Unfortunately, there are only seven of them in the world.
No matter how awesome the tycoon surnamed Wang is, he is only one of the top 100 tycoons in Central Continent. There are hundreds of people in Blue Star who are better than him. It is really difficult to compete without a relationship with Sun Yaohuo.
Can’t draw the Shadow Painting Soul series anymore?
The rich no longer believe this.
Since Shadow can draw one, he can draw two, not to mention that Shadow has already drawn seven!
“Is such that.”
Sun Yaohuo stated his purpose:
“Teacher Shadow wants to hold a personal exhibition in Zhongzhou. You are always good at it. Can you help me contact a venue?”
“What! Teacher Shadow is going to have a solo exhibition?”
The rich man surnamed Wang was instantly excited when he heard this: “Contact the venue, right? I’ll contact you for you. I’m a big fan of Teacher Shadow’s painting!”
Sun Yaohuo said seriously: “If you want the highest standard, I promised Teacher Shadow.”
The rich man surnamed Wang was very happy: “You also said that you don’t know Mr. Shadow, and you bragged that you contact us through channels every time. Now it seems that you are really afraid that we will tangle with you!”
There was a pause.
The rich man surnamed Wang continued:
“Why else hold an art exhibition?”
Sun Yaohuo smiled and said, “Then I’ll ask Brother Wang to help me with this matter.”
The rich man surnamed Wang probed: “Tell me the truth, will there be a Soul Transformation series in this art exhibition?”
“should have.”
What Sun Yaohuo said was nonsense, he was just guessing, but this was the only way to arouse