ing Pass, and couldn’t help but praise: “The evil cultivators in the world have used all kinds of methods to force me to show up! This person is quite smart and is my fierce rival!”

The Zhenwu Temple is far away from the core where the power of the immortal weapons explodes. When the power of those fairy weapons hits the Zhenwu Temple, the two gods, the turtle and the snake, fully open their auras to form a demonic dojo, protecting the Zhenwu Temple and protecting the peace of the place.
After this wave of shock passed, Chu Tiandu immediately stood up and prepared to go to the appointment to meet Shen Baiyu for a while.
At this moment, the location of Dao Qi suddenly formed a vast ocean of sword energy in a radius of hundreds of miles!
“What an amazing swordsmanship!”
Chu Tiandu was shocked, and then he became more motivated to fight. He immediately took out the mask and put it on his face. Because he was handsome and not intimidating, he had to wear an ugly mask.
Just as Chu Tiandu was about to move, his body suddenly froze and he stared blankly at the center of the vast ocean of sword energy.
There, the immeasurable sea of ??fire carries the sun and the moon, and is rising slowly. The fire is blazing, as if the entire immeasurable sea of ??fire has turned into a great furnace that can swallow up the eight wastelands and accommodate the sun and the moon!
The Honglu is extremely bright, like the brightness of thousands of suns, making it difficult to open your eyes!
/The torrent formed by countless sword energy roared up, whizzed, and plunged into the Eight Wastelands Sun Refining Furnace, but it was like a mud cow entering the sea, making no sound.
A horrifying shock came from the land of Daoqi. The shock wave first set off a wave of fire. The height of the fire wave was about one mile, and it spread outward in a circular shape. Then a hurricane formed on the outside, and the wind and fire swept in all directions, impacting away!
Chu Tiandu stood outside the gate of Zhenwu Temple, dumbfounded.
“The Eight Wastelands Sun Refining Furnace, the magical power that no one has been able to fully comprehend in more than 40,000 years, has reappeared in the world?”
On the edge of the Demon Realm, there was an endless sea of ??fire. The old Demon God who was punting the boat was startled by the bright light. He stopped rocking the oar and looked up, and a rising Eight Wasteland Solar Furnace came into his sight.
The old demon was stunned and whispered: “Seems real or illusory? Or is that person really back?”
In front of the Taoist temple in the Land of Dao Qi, Xu Ying’s floating clothes slowly calmed down.
In front of him, there was almost a sea of ??magma and fire, but Shen Baiyu was nowhere to be seen.
A hundred miles away from this place, on the bronze pot as huge as a mountain, Shen Baiyu’s Yuan Shen was affixed to the bronze pot, and Shen Baiyu’s physical body was pressed tightly against the Yuan Shen.
His eyes widened with fear.
His aura was still stirring, and his body was in tatters and bruises, some