hree promoted players are also adjusting their status and preparing for the finals.

Same as before.
Among the three places that advance to the finals, there are people from Central China again.
Although the audience’s response to the other party’s performance was not as good as Xia Fan’s, Xia Fan was still slightly inferior to the judges.
So what follows is another classic scene from the Blue Music Club:
Qinzhou and the hometown of music start a showdown!
God knows how many times Zhongzhou players and Qinzhou players have collided in the finals since the Blue Music Club was held.
In addition, a Zhaozhou singer advanced to the finals.
However, in the eyes of the audience, the performance of this Zhao Zhou player was definitely not as good as that of the Zhongzhou players and Xia Fan, so it did not attract much attention.
on the stage.
Players draw lots.
The No. 1 pick for Zhongzhou players.
Zhao Zhou’s second pick.
Xia Fan drew the No. 3 lottery.
After a little preparation, the players from Zhongzhou stepped onto the stage
on site.
The audience listened quietly to the performance of the Zhongzhou contestants.
/Most of the ancient songs use some traditional instruments of Blue Star. The style is often melodious and sentimental, and the lyrics obviously have the flavor of ancient poetry.
The themes are mainly soft and melodious love songs.
The biggest difference between Xia Fan’s “Will Enter the Wine” and mainstream ancient songs is that it uses a more popular arrangement, and the melody and vocals are very hot.
This is related to the heroic words and sentences in the original work.
The works and singing of Zhongzhou singers can be regarded as a return to the main tone of this type of ancient style songs.
After the concert.
There was a wave of applause.
Even Lin Yuan had to admit:
Regardless of the use of emotions or the control of singing skills, the contestants at the level of Zhongzhou diva are indeed much better than ordinary singers when singing ancient works.
This song should become a hit if it is released in China.
But this can be regarded as the normal performance of Zhongzhou players.
Unless there is a mistake in the final, under normal circumstances in the final of any event, the works performed by the contestants are always amazing!
After the Zhongzhou contestants finished singing.
The average score given by the judges is as high as 96 points!
In many events, this score is enough to win the championship!
For a while.
Live broadcast rooms in all continents are feeling emotional.
“Zhongzhou is still strong!”
“Except for Qinzhou, players from other continents obviously cannot keep up with Zhongzhou.”
“In terms of comprehensive strength comparison, Qinzhou is not Zhongzhou’s opponent.”
“Isn’t this nonsense, but it’s already amazing that Qinzhou has reached this point.”
“That’s true.”
“Although Zhongzhou has always led in gold medals, it has never been able to leave Qinzhou far behind.”
“Lan Lehui will feel that Zhongzhou and Qinzhou are competing, and then the rema