Weizhou Music Arena coincided with the appearance of the event, making all continents compete. They formed a tacit understanding and sent out some powerful singers and queens one after another. They want to win glory for the continent in the music arena. In terms of importance, the music arena in the next period of time should be more difficult than the season rankings.”

Regional battle?
Lin Yuan finally understood what Shu Yu meant.
I dare say that all continents regard the music arena as a gladiatorial arena.
Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Seven, this number is really clever.”
Shu Yu said with emotion: “There are seven days in a week. Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, and Wei are exactly the seven continents. Central Continent has not yet joined the merger, so each continent wants to occupy at least one position in the music arena. If a certain continent has every position, If you can’t take it, it would be too shameful, so I’ve been very stressed these days, until I met you today, I suddenly felt no pressure at all.”
“The top singers and queens from other continents will come to participate in the music competition. I am not sure that I will win, but Teacher Xianyu is here and I can definitely win. In this way, even if I can’t win, you will still be there. The bottom line here is to ensure that at least one of the arenas belongs to our Qinzhou, not to mention that besides us, there is an old friend who will also come to Weizhou.”
“King Feige.”
Who is the strongest singer in Qinzhou?
Xianyu doesn’t count!
This person is not among the Five Elements!
This is also the reason why Fei Yang was invited to sing two songs at the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala. The most powerful singer in Qinzhou must be given the treatment he deserves.
As for Shu Yu
She is considered the best among the divas in Qinzhou, and her competitive ability is very strong and should not be underestimated.
In fact.
Don’t look at Lin Yuan as the champion of “The King of Masked Singer”.
If he faced an opponent of Fei Yang or Shu Yu’s level, even Lin Yuan would not dare to say that he was a sure winner.
The plane landed in Xuancheng, Weizhou.
This is one of the largest cities in Weizhou.
The music arena “Singer” is located in a large studio in Xuancheng.
/Before getting off the plane.
Shu Yu said: “Tomorrow is Saturday. I plan to attack directly. The defender is a local singer in Weizhou. Let’s work hard to win a city for our Qinzhou first. When I am captured, we will I can only rely on you and Teacher Fei Yang to take revenge.”
Lin Yuan smiled and nodded.
Since Shu Yu is going to attack tomorrow, Lin Yuan is not in a hurry to take action.
He knew Shu Yu’s strength. There weren’t many singers in Blue Star who could stop Shu Yu’s attack.
We chatted like this for a while.
/Everyone got off the plane and went their separate ways.
Shu Yu looked at Lin Yuan’s back from a distance, then suddenly turned to look at Wu Qianhan: “Teacher Xianyu doesn’t like you.”
Wu Qianhan was startled.
Shu Yu s