call him wrong? It’s impossible, Yue Ming has never noticed Wei Renwu’s slip of the tongue.

Zhang Feng laughed and said: “Mr. Wei, you are indeed well-informed. I took office just the day before yesterday. I didn’t expect that Mr. Wei would receive the news so quickly.”
Yue Ming suddenly realized it and exclaimed: “So, Brother Zhang is now…”
Yue Ming jumped up excitedly, grabbed Zhang Feng and said, “Really? Officer Zhang? No, you should change your name to Captain Zhang now.”
Zhang Feng smiled and nodded: “I finally lived up to the expectations of Mr. Wei and Captain Lin and won this position.”
“It’s really great.” Yue Ming said with emotion.
“How do you say this?” Zhang Feng asked doubtfully.
After Wei Renwu finished speaking, there should be applause here, but no one present was surprised. Everyone was already used to Wei Renwu’s ability to know things like a god, and they would think that this was just Wei Renwu’s normal state.
Lin Xingchen whispered in Yue Ming’s ear: “Are you sure he is in a bad mood?”
Yue Ming replied awkwardly in a low voice: “I was sure yesterday, but not so sure today.”
Wei Renwu put out his cigarette and said seriously: “Since Captain Zhang is here, the seriousness of the case can be seen, so stop talking and let Captain Zhang tell me what the case is.”
Wei Renwu said leisurely: “Even if I am Captain Lin’s criminal investigation consultant, it doesn’t matter whether she helps you or not. Even if she comes with you, it’s the same. I only look at the case to see if it makes me interested, so , you’d better tell the case quickly while I’m still curious.”
Zhang Feng paused and said, “Mr. Wei, have you ever heard of Long Qian?”
“Long Qian!” Yue Ming couldn’t help shouting when he heard the name.
“Who?” Wei Renwu looked confused.
“Mr. Wei, he is the magician who can cross the Grand Canyon. He is a very powerful one.” Yue Ming reminded Wei Renwu. After all, the two of them watched Long Qian’s magic trick of crossing the Grand Canyon live on TV. Wei Renwu must have been impressed by it.
“Oh, it’s him.” Wei Renwu suddenly realized, “What’s wrong with him?”
Zhang Feng said seriously: “He killed someone.”
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8. The murder of the magic assistant
“Wait a minute, the amount of information is a bit large.” Yue Ming heard Zhang Feng say that Long Qian killed people. He felt unbelievable. “He was performing magic in the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon the day before yesterday, and he killed people today?”
Zhang Feng pursed his lips and said: “It’s not today, but yesterday. It’s not necessarily him who did the murder, but he is the most suspicious.”
Wei Renwu asked: “Who died? Why is he the most suspicious?”
/Wei Renwu was still more professional than Yue Ming, so he asked two questions about the most critical things.
Zhang Feng replied: “Long Qian’s royal magic assistant is dead. He was stabbed into the throat with a fruit knife in his apartment and died of excessive blood loss. It is said t