k away from Zhang Feng’s hand and said, “Officer Zhang, please calm down.”

Zhang Feng realized that he had lost his composure, and he apologized: “I’m sorry, Xiaoyue, I am impatient, and I have been here for too long, and the case has not made any progress, so I feel so worried.”
Yue Ming said: “Actually, Mr. Wei and I went to Long Qian’s hometown.”
Zhang Feng asked: “You went to Long Qian’s hometown? Did you look for clues? Did you find anything?”
Yue Ming said with some shame: “Actually, for me, it should be said that there is no discovery.” Yue Ming’s words were not meant to deceive Zhang Feng, because the person who said he had discovered the discovery was Wei Renwu, but Wei Renwu’s discovery was not He was willing to tell Yue Ming, so for Yue Ming, it was equivalent to not discovering it.
/Zhang Feng said with some disappointment: “Then where is Mr. Wei now?”
Speaking of Wei Renwu, Yue Ming became even more embarrassed: “Actually, I don’t know where Mr. Wei is now. I only know that he is gone.”
“Left?” Zhang Feng asked doubtfully, “Didn’t he explain anything?”
Yue Ming shook his head.
Zhang Feng became anxious: “Long Qian is about to be released, and Mr. Wei just leaves without saying goodbye?”
Yue Ming explained: “Mr. Wei always has his reasons for doing things. Captain Zhang, don’t be anxious.”
Zhang Feng shouted: “Can I not be anxious! If Long Qian is released, it means that our police have done something wrong. If this is the case, where will our police’s face be put? Where will my face be put? I am I promised Director Liao that within forty-eight hours, we will find evidence that Long Qian is the murderer! Wei Renwu left like this, it is really irresponsible, I really misjudged him!”
When Yue Ming saw Zhang Feng was so angry, he wanted to persuade him, but he didn’t know how to persuade him. From the surface, Wei Renwu was indeed quite irresponsible, and God knows what he was going to do when he left?
Yue Ming could only say: “Captain Zhang, you and Mr. Wei have known each other for so long, you have to believe in his character.” Yue Ming’s words seemed feeble. Wei Renwu’s character has always been a mystery, and his behavior is sometimes very strange. It is easy to hurt those around you.
Zhang Feng was extremely tired, and his voice was a little weak: “I’m tired, I have to go back first.”
“I’ll take you back.” Yue Ming couldn’t comfort Zhang Feng with words, he could only use his own actions to make Zhang Feng feel better.
Zhang Feng refused: “No, you can go back and rest. You have been tired for a day.”
Yue Ming looked at Zhang Feng’s lonely back as he left, feeling particularly uncomfortable.
“Hahahahaha” a burst of hearty laughter came from the crack in the door of the detention room.
Because they were separated by a layer, the laughter was not loud, but Yue Ming heard it really clearly, and the laughter made his hair stand on end. He knew that this must be Long Qian’s laughter, and it was very likely that he was across the detention room. At the gate, I could vaguely hear the conversa