But it’s so difficult to achieve true demonic strength! There are only a few true demon-level powerhouses in the world. It can be said that true demon-level powerhouses are no longer the same type of creatures compared to ordinary escapees and high-level escapees.
After Gong Yeyu said this, he didn’t say anything more, but walked forward on his own, but his expression seemed to be much more relaxed, and even his steps were a little brisker.
It was only then that Pei Jiao slowly calmed down from his previous fanatical impulse. In fact, until now, he still can’t believe what he did and actually chose to fight and die together.
“I actually made this choice. It seems you are right. I am also stupid.” Pei Jiao said with a wry smile: “It must be controlled by desire. The momentary fever just now was the function of desire. ”
Gong Yeyu laughed and said: “How could it be desire? Desire cannot choose death, or you can also call desire a kind of self-protection. This belongs to your original intention. Before you came here, didn’t you Do you also feel that your body is clear? I look at you through the aura field, as if I were looking at a piece of slightly flawed glassware. Although it is slightly flawed, it is much clearer than most people. If you choose If it’s considered desire, then it’s impossible to reach the current level.”
/Pei Jiao could only smile bitterly. He also felt the feeling of clarity all over his body, as if a person who was originally covered in mud suddenly took a warm bath and thoroughly washed away the mud all over his body. The feeling of being completely at ease and being able to see the whole body with just one sweep of your consciousness is so good that it is difficult to describe it in words.
Gong Yeyu looked at Pei Jiao and was speechless. He continued to smile and said: “You should slowly experience these things by yourself. After all, what you experience is your own. What others tell you is always estranged, but now we I have narrowly escaped death, so I will tell you first. No, and you too. I have never told you how to enter the true demon level before, just because I am afraid that a stereotype will form in your mind. In fact, everyone’s Tao is Different methods may also be different to enter the level of true demons. This is equivalent to what Buddhism calls a barrier to knowledge and hearing, so I want you to feel it yourself.”
/“Actually, you should also be aware that your own obsessions continue to increase over time. The more obsessions you have, the clearer your feeling and control over yourself will be, and the easier it will be for you to enter the state of inner vision, and you will be able to It’s as if you have a pair of special eyes that can see what’s going on inside your body. The more you obsess, the easier it is to achieve this state. Under such circumstances, your mind will be smooth and your thoughts will flow smoothly. If you pursue the path unswervingly and never doubt everything you do, then your unique eyes will be able to see what is in your obsession.”