teen kinds of colorful substances evaporated, blooming with terrifying power.

In the distance, Yin Mobai stood up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. The broken bones all over his body were connected, and the flesh and blood squirmed, revealing a strange color. He said: “You have a secret on your body. This is interesting. Let me take a look.”
“What are you pretending to be!” Wang Xuan was recovering from his injuries in the distance and looked at him indifferently.
Yin Mobai stood up in the starry sky, with a condescending look, and said: “The gap between you and me cannot be bridged. If you succeed once, it will almost be over.”
Wang Xuan looked at him coldly and said: “I didn’t want to say it originally, but I can’t stand your self-reliance. You are just relying on your level to be higher than me. Otherwise, are you worthy of facing me with a look down on me?” I am just a true immortal, and if we are in the same realm, I can crush you to death with just one foot!”
Yin Mobai’s pupils shrank, was the other party just a true immortal? This really shocked him!
/He has always crossed realms to attack others. He is known as the undefeated wizard in the twelve realms. Today, there is a true immortal fighting against him, and he is still alive!
“You have a big secret, and I’m becoming more and more interested.” After Yin Mobai was frightened, he smiled more and more, and he was approaching quickly.
Wang Xuan analyzed him with his heavenly eyes. He believed that Yin Mobai’s true strength was not comparable to Mu Ye who had not broken the seal, but the Yin-Yang flag in his hand was too abnormal.
“The skin of a foreigner?!” Finally, he saw the clues. The Yin-Yang flag’s surface was very special, and it was suspected to be made from the skin of a foreigner-level creature.
“You have good eyesight, but can you deny it? This is also part of his own strength.” Yin Mobai spoke, and he shook the Yin and Yang flag violently.
In an instant, this place was completely different. Black and white energy flowed. He was dividing the world of life and death between yin and yang. Then, the world was reflected into Wang Xuan’s mind, trying to control his mind.
“Yin and Yang are reversed, and the light of the mind can also turn the void into reality. Here I come!” He said, and the whole world was different.
The yin and yang world of life and death not only covers the real starry sky, but also enters Wang Xuan’s heart, trying to invade his soul.
At this moment, Wang Xuan’s soul stood on the earth of life and looked at the other party quietly. This Yin Mobai holding the Yin-Yang flag was indeed a bit contrary to the heavens. It actually entered his body and followed him to the earth of life. This is the world of yin and yang life and death. , in reversing illusory and real results.
Wang Xuan stared at him. The yin and yang flag used by the other party was probably a treasure left by another person. It was either sealed or damaged, and it was ridiculously strong.
However, if it is a big killer, what does he have to fe