he phenomenon of subspace erosion.”

“The phenomenon of subspace erosion?” Everyone looked at each other. They didn’t ask anything, but looked at the little girl closely, waiting for her to continue.
/The little girl ignored others and just continued: “Yes, the subspace erosion phenomenon. I have said it before. Subspace is the interlayer of energy, matter and spirit. It can be regarded as both energy and energy. It is matter, and it can also be regarded as spirit. It has the three-dimensionality of energy, material and spirit. From a long time ago, my ancestors have known how to use this characteristic to absorb subspace energy with mental power or physical body, so that it can It affects the real material world, but this method of utilization is passive. That is to say, you must first understand the existence of subspace, and then you must have enough energy to guide and absorb subspace energy. Only then can this be achieved, but subspace Space erosion is completely different. To put it in a layman’s terms, these remnants of the previous generation’s civilization can already be regarded as ghost-like creatures.”
The little girl looked at the people around her again and found that everyone around her had an incomprehensible expression. Even Pei Jiao, whom she was interested in, had the same expression. She immediately said helplessly: “Then let me put it more simply. , except for this woman, all of you are soul bodies, right?”
Everyone looked at each other and nodded. The little girl continued: “The so-called subspace erosion actually refers to this. The soul can be regarded as a certain spiritual band. In the material world, unless it relies on With the support of huge energy, otherwise it would be absolutely impossible to manifest, but now you have manifested, and you can see and touch it like a material life form. Do you know what this means?”
Everyone already had some idea of ??the answer, but Pei Jiao still asked: “What does this mean?”
The little girl waved her hand and said: “This means that this is subspace! Or, this is subspace projection!”
“The so-called subspace erosion is like this. When a living body is covered by subspace energy for a long time, its life characteristics will tend to be three-dimensional in matter, energy, and spirit, which means it can be mastered to a certain extent. The energy of the real material world, such as fire, wind, etc., at the same time, after death, the soul body is very likely to transform into a ghost, even if it is in the material world, this is the so-called subspace erosion. ”
/The little girl waited for everyone to absorb the meaning of these words before continuing: “At that time, my tribe discovered the subspace erosion characteristics of the survivors of the previous civilization. They could master certain energies out of thin air. These people were called Magicians, and if the souls of the deceased tribe are converted into ghosts, they are called the undead tribe. If they get rid of the evil thoughts projected by the ‘original sin’, they become ‘spirits’