ery happy. The arrival of the demigod Arthur showed her recognition.

In fact, the speed of David’s arrival surprised the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’.
There is no teleportation gate on Mercury, and it is isolated from the rest of the world.
Severe radiation gives Mercury the best protection. No one wants to come to this planet, let alone explore it.
/According to the idea of ??the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’, it would take at least several days for the demigod Arthur to arrive here, but what he didn’t expect was that only ten minutes later, the demigod Arthur arrived.
/This illustrates the power of the demigod Arthur from the side, and also strengthens the confidence of the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’.
“This is an ancient divine contract. Please check whether the content is suitable first!” With a move of the ‘Forest Mother Goddess” hand, a piece of paper with a divine aura appeared in her hands.
David took over the ‘Divinity Contract’ and read it. He was now very familiar with the divine text, especially after receiving the inheritance of ‘Shepherd’s Road’. He had received the complete inheritance of faith to become a god.
The greatest advantage of using divine writing in divine writing is that it has a single meaning.
Contracts written in divine writing will not have multiple meanings. This is the characteristic of divine writing. Each word of this special writing represents the rules of the world. When these words are connected together, the formed words have a unique meaning. significance.
Belonging to God is indeed what the black dragon Alexis said. He needs to sacrifice everything to the Lord God, including the Lord’s power in the small world.
But at the same time, the Lord God also needs to provide protection to the gods, and he also needs to provide certain help to the gods within his ability.
The content of this ‘Divinity Contract’ was very clear. After David read it, he asked the black dragon Alexis to read it again. After getting confirmation from the black dragon Alexis, David nodded.
The ‘Divinity Contract’ in the hand is an ancient artifact from an unknown number of years ago. Its texture is made of god-level skin, which is probably made from the skin of some kind of god-level life.
This makes the ‘divine contract’ itself an extremely precious artifact-level item, and it is not easy to create a ‘divine contract’.
“‘Forest Mother Goddess’, are you still sure you will become my god?” David finally asked.
“Great Arthur, I am willing to be your god!” The ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ was the descendant of a god this time. She bowed her body and said heavily.
David nodded, and he used his spirit to lightly tap on the ‘Divinity Contract’, adding his own spirit to the main god.
The ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ did not hesitate and added her own divine mark to the divine parts of the ‘Divinity Contract’.
Just after all the marks of the Lord God and the divine seals in the ‘Divinity Contract’ were marked, a dark golden light flashed, and David sensed the surge of rules from the big world.
This is the rule of the big