will be delayed and the time is unknown! “

will be delayed and the time is unknown! ”
Tpod is manufactured by Foxconn. Does it have anything to do with your quality control supervisor?” Looking at Zhao Song’s retreating figure, Xing Sheng sighed dejectedly.
the same time, Pacific Pengcheng.
In General Manager Li Pei’s office, Chen Ning put down his cell phone and said with a gloomy face: “No matter how much the compensation is, throw out the Wanwan system memory.”
Li Pei nodded silently. The boss with this expression was the most terrifying.
“One week later, the i820 was the first to be launched in the world by flower growers, and we, Pengcheng, took the lead!”
“Boss, even the memory has been sold, and the funds…”
“I will take care of the funds!” Chen Ning stood up and walked out of the door. “Since that kid wants to die early, I’ll make it happen for him!”
“Dang Dang~”
“Dang Dang~~~”
A Toyota bullet commercial vehicle driving at high speed on the national highway heard the sound of “Japs entering the village” ≈gt; prelude.
Its current scientific name is Big Overlord. Six years later, the islanders will rename it Previa. Just like the Lexus was renamed Lexus, and the Land Cruiser was renamed Land Cruiser, Toyota people’s foreheads are definitely squeezed by the butt crack!
The car is a good car, but you can’t tell it at all at this time. The flowing body is covered with mud and scratches!
Including the driver, there were three young men in their twenties in the car, but with their mature and weathered faces, no one could tell that they were three recent college graduates.
“Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang~~”
ended, and the three of them started singing along with the singing from the speakers.
“That year I left my parents
. When I was eighteen years old, I went out on my own. I was
crowded in a crowded carriage ,
my head full of fantasies.

I blinked under the neon lights
and sang songs in the shuttle vehicles. Wandering
, I was wandering
just for the sake of being there. The dream
is just to find a paradise for the young heart!”
It was a heartbreaking voice. Maybe their singing was not in tune, but it was full of strong emotions, like a wanderer who had been away from home for many years, venting something.
They were college students, three college students. When Tesla was founded, they were the only three college students who applied for jobs. Then they followed Zhao Song, who was three years younger than them, wholeheartedly. For more than
half a year, they did not return after they came out with Liu Cong. I’ve been to Beijing once, and I’ve never been back home.
Marketing, sales, real estate agency, inspections, product promotions, unannounced visits, logistics, under the direct command of Zhao Song, they did all the work in all departments of Tesla without being in Kyoto!
Is it bitter?
For most of the year, I had no home or a fixed place to live. In addition to the increasingly high-end hotels where I lived, and the increasing salary and bonuses in Cary, the