into the depths of the void and left directly.

into the depths of the void and left directly.
Seeing the two ‘robbers’ fleeing, Divine Emperor Tianfeng, Divine Emperor Cangming, and another Taoist priest naturally followed closely.
However, even if the three God Emperors used the power of the Sky Net to pursue and intercept them, they were still unable to stop the Lord of She Ji and the Lord of Nine Nethers who owned the Universe Map.
But within a short period of time, the gods of Jinyuan Daoting were mobilized, and through the power of the heaven and earth net, they comprehensively tracked down the two ‘daring’ murderers.
Moreover, the strange disappearance of the Chi Ling God Emperor and another Taoist Master was quickly noticed by the Jinyuan Taoist Court.
After all, such an earth-shattering event happened, but the Chi Ling God Emperor and Jing Ling Dao Zun never showed up.
If something goes wrong, there must be a monster!
Zhang Jian, who was far away in the Danque Taoist Palace, also received a golden edict from the Jinyuan Taoist Court. The Emperor Tianfeng ordered the gods of the Danque Taoist Palace to use the power of the earth net to track down the murderer, and at the same time search for information about Chi. The whereabouts of Emperor Ling and Taoist Master Jingling.
In Danque Dao Palace, the Lord of Jiuyou and Sheji, who could not be searched by the gods at this time, appeared deep in Zhang Jian Niwan Palace.
At this time, in Niwan Palace, the Lord of Jiuyou felt a little regretful.
“The old witch is very good at Taoism. Her true body should be the innate five-element phoenix, a relatively rare mutated innate phoenix beast!”
the Lord of Sheji said calmly.
“The Emperor Tianfeng is a second-level Taoist, and he is blessed by the power of heaven and earth. He is extremely difficult to deal with under the blessing of the source of heaven in the Jinyuan Heaven Realm. I am worried that part of the Taoist traces of the original body will be exposed after a long battle, so I go first. Withdraw, if we are outside the boundary, we may not be able to do anything to the Heavenly Phoenix God Emperor!”
The Lord of Nine Nether glanced at the words.
But he also knew that the Taoist Master of Sheji did have many methods that he had not used, including the Root Taoist Mountain and River Sheji Map, which only revealed a part of the Sheji’s root power.
Zhang Jian nodded.
“It’s enough to make a big fuss. The extent to which it can be achieved is beyond my expectation. Next, you will practice hard and help me understand the shadow lines of creation in the original luck map!”
/In fact, even if it is good, If the two evil corpses can’t escape intact, he won’t have any surprises.
After all, that is the Jinyuan Taoist Court, which represents the authority and majesty of a side of the heaven.
/There are countless tyrannical and terrifying innate forbidden methods and innate killing formations inside.
There is also a huge array of dragnets for protection.
It’s almost like a dragon’s pool and a tiger’s den.
It’s good to be able to escape