“Yes, Father!”
Zhang Jian thought for a while and then said.
/Zhang Zhao couldn’t help but raise his head. Considering his city, he felt a little shocked.
/He immediately responded in a low voice.
Zhang Zhao also had some joy in his eyes.
It seems that his father has also made up his mind to expand again.
However, it was quite difficult to bring the territory of the two hundred southeastern states under the rule of the Daxia Dynasty.
The state capitals of the two hundred continents in the southeast are not county capitals. The territory of a state is vast, not much inferior to that of the East Continent, and even some continents are even larger in area.
It would be very difficult for the size of the Great Xia Dynasty to bring such a vast territory under the control of the Great Xia Dynasty at once.
Zhang Jian immediately waved his hand and signaled the young couple to go to the Middle Palace and West Palace to pay their respects.
After the two people left, Zhang Jian had a slight sense of the origin of the soul, the majestic origin of the laws of immortality.
At this time, in the depths of his sea of ??consciousness, there are two treasures of heaven and earth, and a priesthood that are continuing to function. By understanding these two treasures of heaven and earth, and a priesthood, the origin of the laws of immortality condensed by Zhang Jian is becoming increasingly grand.
According to the three treasures, they are the innate Taiyin Dao Law, the ‘Heart of Dimension’, and the priesthood of death.
The innate Taiyin Dao law is integrated into the second-level immortal Taiyin form refining method.
The ‘Heart of Dimension’ is integrated into the third-level Immortal Law Mountains and Rivers Sheji Dao Map.
The death priesthood is integrated into the first-order immortal method of Jiuyou Corpse Transformation.
With the help of these three immortal laws of perfection, Zhang Jian is also drawing parallels and condensing the origin of his own immortal laws.
The origin of his Immortal Law will still be based on the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Map, with the Sheji Avenue as the core, integrating into the earth, life and death, creation, yin and yang, five elements, time and space, etc., and finally forming his own unique Immortal Law.
This is the unique path he chose.
Integrating the paths of the two ancient earth goddesses in myths and legends, Zhang Jian does not know where his final path will lead, but he will stick to his path until he sees the final scenery.
In the Middle Palace and the West Palace, the two queens had already learned that the crown prince and crown princess had entered the palace, and they were already prepared.
But after walking out of the West Palace, Si Lier looked solemn and sighed.
“I never thought that there would be such a blessed place for cultivation hidden in the West Palace. I have also heard of the name of the Taiyin Treasure Tree. It ranks among the top among the many spiritual roots of heaven and earth in this world, especially for its ability to