able that once that thing gets out of trouble, it will definitely not give up on Liu Qianshan.

able that once that thing gets out of trouble, it will definitely not give up on Liu Qianshan.
“Well, I believe in your sincerity for the time being, but if you make another mistake, I will doubt your motives. Little guy, don’t think that I am just an immobile galaxy life. I am much more capable than you think. , If you play tricks on me, the consequences will be serious!” Yaba’s tone seemed to be joking, but Liu Qian knew that Yaba was extremely angry at this time, but it was just hard to show it.
/“Don’t worry, but it’s better to explain some things clearly. For example, at what stage will I reach, what reward will you give me?” Liu Gan asked Yaba.
“If you install primary space armor on planet Y4, I will reward you with intermediate space cannon technology. If you install a new planetary engine on planet Y4, I will reward you with intermediate space armor technology. If you don’t have it this time I made a mistake and successfully detonated Q4. I will hand over the related technology of energy life to you.” Yaba seemed not to know that Liu Qian had detected the space tumor, and still talked to Liu Qian about the game rewards seriously.
Of course, maybe it is extremely suspicious of Liu Gan in its heart, but in this situation, it has no other choice but to continue to cooperate with Liu Gan, otherwise it will still be unable to get out of trouble, unless other civilizations wander nearby, but The vast universe is filled with galaxies, large and small, at least a few light years apart. Without the ability to jump through space, the chance of a civilization randomly wandering to the Yaba galaxy is very low.
/“Okay, I won’t let you down this time.” Liu Gan placed several robots on the Y4 planet and started all construction from scratch.
It is not easy to start everything from scratch. It will take at least decades or even hundreds of years. Of course, Liu Qian will not stay in the Yaba Department and watch these robots doing construction boringly. He will sometimes jump Go to the Harukan system to see the mining situation there, and sometimes jump back to the solar system to see the progress of various technologies in the Mars base.
The Harukan galaxy is now not only mining, it has also begun the production of new warships. After the new warships switched to using zirconium as the main material, the performance of the warships has been greatly improved, whether it is defense or the firepower of various weapons. , as well as the driving force of the engine, have been greatly improved compared to before due to the update of material technology.
The Mars base is still continuing to conduct various inspections on Anna, the former Dauntless, trying to figure out what secrets the Yiguo civilization has hidden in the Dauntless.
In addition to inspecting the Dauntless, the Mars base also dispatched a large number of ships equipped with intermediate space engines to explore in various directions to find the whereabouts of the Yiguo civilization.
To find out the secret of the Fearless, in addition to using vari